15 best rooftop bars in Barcelona

Terraza de Vivi

Looking for the best rooftop bars in Barcelona? I don’t blame you! With wonderful weather, a vibrant music scene, and attractions open for long hours, it’s no surprise that Barcelona carries a culture of rooftop bars.

In my opinion, enjoying a rooftop cocktail is one of the best things to do in Barcelona. But in a city that is brimming with rooftop bars, each vying for your attention with fabulous cocktails, glorious Sangria and tapas, where should you go?

Well the easiest solution is to ensure you hop from one rooftop bar in Barcelona to another every night of your stay! 

To make it simpler for you to narrow down which bar to go to, I’ve created a handpicked list of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona.

I’ve chosen these based on my own experience of trying different spots across my visits to the city, plus there are a few recommendations from locals.

I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of the rooftop bars included on this list – whether it’s a night in Exiample you’re after, or a classic evening in the Gothic Quarter. All have some photo-worthy elements included!

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

1. Ohla Chillout Terrace

Want to enjoy a drink looking over the Gothic Quarter skyline to the cathedral? Then I’m sure the Ohla Chillout Terrace is the one for you.

As its name implies, this bar is for the strict purpose of chilling out and relaxing; a perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine.

Ohla Barcelona Rooftop Bar

If you get peckish then the Ohla Hotel has a number of different restaurants you can choose from, including the Michelin-starred restaurant Caelis which I’d highly recommend.

Open until midnight, expect to pay a Euro or two more for the view and the luxury atmosphere. But I think it is absolutely worth it.

2. Yurbban Trafalgar Rooftop

With its bijou pool, perfect for dipping your feet in, and panoramic views of the city, the Yurbban Trafalagar Rooftop is a wonderful place to enjoy some tunes. 

Yurbban Trafalgar Pool

Trust me, the sunsets here can be pretty spectacular, so be prepared to be mesmerised. I’d recommend visiting on a Wednesday evening when the usual excellent DJs give way to live music until 9pm.

Open to 1am and with reasonable prices, this is a great bar for a night out. Yurbban Passage is also one of the best hotels in Barcelona.

3. Terraza Ayre at Ayre Rosellón

You can almost reach out and touch the cathedral from here! If you simply haven’t had enough of gazing at Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia, then I’d recommend making yourself comfy at the Terraza Ayre at Ayre Rosellòn.

Ayre Hotel Rosellón

It’s a chance to get more photos too, without quite so many crowds taking up your shots. Indeed, you’ll look as though you’ve found some exclusive access.

There is a good range of food here ranging from tapas and bar snacks through to decadent desserts. Take your pick between a sofa or a sun lounger and soak up the atmosphere.

4. The Pulitzer Terrace

Reasonably affordable as far as Barcelona rooftop bars go, you’ll find The Pulitzer Hotel not far from Plaça Catalunya.

The Pulitzer Terrace

Nestled on the top of the hotel, discover an urban tropical oasis waiting for you to kick back and relax, cocktail in hand.

The Pulitzer Terrace is perhaps one of the most popular rooftop bars in Barcelona, and I can see why.

The Pulitzer is, of course, famous for its DJ sets. So expect dancing – that is, when you’re not indulging in the Catalan and Spanish food that’s served.

5. La Terraza del Claris

The intimate and relaxed feel of La Terraza del Claris makes this one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona. I love that it’s elegant, yet somehow still cosy.

While it’s popular, it’s rarely too crowded to get the seat you want. 

La Terraza del Claris Bar

La Terraza del Claris Bar

The atmosphere here is always welcoming, with a truly Mediterranean feel, and very friendly staff. I think it’s just a lovely place to be.

6. Terraza Colón

Nestled almost above the Barcelona Cathedral, at Terraza Colón you can be immersed in the ambience of the Gothic Quarter.

Hotel Colon Rooftop Bar

You’re right in the heart of things here, just one block away from Portal Del Angel and with a view over the port.

But being seven floors up, there’s still a sense of calm. It’s a great way to get a break from the hustle and bustle.

Despite its central location, I like that it never seems painfully busy, but it’s popular enough to have a convivial atmosphere.

7. Sky Bar at Grand Hotel Central

This is another rooftop bar in Barcelona that gets my vote because of the view. Often with rooftop bars there is an element of frustration about what you can’t see.

With the Sky Bar at Grand Hotel Central, the view is impressive and seems to somehow capture the whole city uninterrupted.

Grand Hotel Central

The pool here is just for hotel guests, but don’t let that put you off. After 8pm, non-hotel guests can come and enjoy the terrace and it’s a lovely place to relax over dinner.

You can book in advance, and I’d really recommend doing so. There is a cover charge unless you’re eating a meal here too.

8. La Isabela at Hotel 1898

La Isabela at Hotel 1898 is such a charming little rooftop bar in Barcelona.

It provides a quintessentially quiet escape from what can sometimes be a rather intense city. You’ll find it right on La Rambla, and you should have expectations of luxury. 

I think the tapas here is fabulous. You can enjoy it looking out over the pool and hopefully taking in the sunset too. 

A good sign that La Isabella is both good and authentic is that it is popular with locals. I recommend booking, especially if it’s the weekend or height of the season.

From July until September, it’s open until 2am. So if you’re looking to enjoy Barcelona around the clock, this is one place with your name on it.

As such you can visit another bar or two first if you like!

9. La Dolce Vitae

A spacious and luxurious terrace with soft comfy sofas and seating. I consider La Dolce Vitae at the Majestic Hotel to be one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona for elegance and exclusivity. 

The views over Montjuȉc and the Sagrada Familia are charming. On hand you’ll find Michelin-starred food and exceptional DJ’ing talents. It’s a place to come for a special occasion and one to save up for!

10. La Terraza at Villa Emilia

“Quiet and pleasant” is how the proprietors describe their terrace bar at Villa Emilia. Something of a hidden gem, this is one of the more affordable rooftop bars in Barcelona. 

You can be forgiven for thinking you’re not just a short walk from Plaça Espanya, but instead in a quaint Mediterranean spot. It’s relaxed and friendly, and serves up really wonderful food.

La Terrassa at Villa Emilia

I wouldn’t recommend coming here for the views (there are other spots for that). But do come for brilliant live music with an intimate atmosphere.

I’d recommend trying to time your visit with one of the barbecue nights for a great night out.

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11. B-Pool Bar

Chilled out but most definitely a place with a cool vibe, is the B-Pool Bar at the B-Hotel.

The pool is enticing, as it curves the edge of the building. Here you’ll enjoy the above ground view of Plaça Espanya. 

B Pool Bar

You’ll fit right in if you order a cocktail or two to wash down some delicious tapas. But you’d also be equally at home snaffling down some Ben & Jerry’s, just because. 

12. Eleven BCN

Fill up your wallet and prepare for an impressive rooftop experience on the 11th floor of the NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderon.

Eleven BCN

The Eleven BCN rooftop bar rivals many others in Barcelona with its 360° views that will leave you unsure where to sit! It’s a stylish venue with its own signature cocktails on offer.

Believe me, they really know a thing or two about gin; so if that’s your tipple, expect to be pleasantly surprised.

13. Rooftop at Arena de Barcelona

Up above Barcelona’s popular shopping centre, you’ll find a rooftop bursting with restaurant and drinking options.

If you want to enjoy a rooftop drink without breaking a stride in your shopping trip, then I’d definitely recommend the Rooftop at Arena de Barcelona.

Each of the seven restaurants on offer has a different vibe so you can pick what suits your mood. If it’s paella you’re after, no problem, but you can also find Italian and Asian food too.

14. The Roof at The Barcelona EDITION

I love this bar! Its stylish cream fabrics and warm wooden deck lead to a relaxing place to unwind after a busy day sight-seeing or shopping.

It’s an elegant and classy space that makes you go “ahhhh” as you sink into a chair and sip on your chilled spritzer. 

The Roof at The Barcelona EDITION

Unlike many other rooftop bars in Barcelona, which are only open for the summer months, The Roof has been cleverly designed to be a year-round space with sliding doors and a retractable roof. 

With lots of sharing dishes and classic cocktails, The Roof is welcoming and offers everything for a great evening 10 floors above the city.

15. Terraza de Vivi 

I’d recommend heading to Kimpton Vividora for a chic experience looking over the Gothic Quarter. With a lush setting, the Terraza de Vivi is something of an urban oasis.

Terraza de Vivi

Expect a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere with panoramic views of the city. Take your pick of the tapas dishes and refreshing cocktails.

There’s a pool here too which can either add atmosphere or provide a spot to cool down if you wish.

In my opinion, spending time at one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona should be top of your itinerary. But with the choice on offer, I’m sure you’ll want to go to more than one!

Let me know any of your personal favourite rooftop bars in the comments – I always love hearing from you!

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Jessie Moore

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