Pocket Wanderings is a luxury travel and adventure blog that aims to inspire wanderlust and provide valuable travel resources, from destination and hotel guides to travel industry insights. Key areas of focus include attainable luxury, popular destinations, hidden gems and solo travel.

Meet the Founder – Jessie Moore

Jessie is a photographer, videographer, and travel researcher and writer. She often works with luxury travel and lifestyle brands to create beautiful content that inspires and informs.

As a travel expert with years of experience in the industry, she is able to provide commentary and insights on a range of topics, from up-and-coming destinations to travel hacks, travel tips and data-driven travel insights.

Jessie is happy to provide quotes for any upcoming editorial pieces, as well as dive into search and social media data. She is also happy to be interviewed on camera or over the phone.

Previous media coverage

CN Traveler
Sky News
Best Life

Press assets

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