20 best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona 

Aurt Restaurant

Believe me when I say that dining out in Barcelona is a real treat. The northern Spanish city boasts a long list of Michelin-awarded restaurants, including a trio of triple-starred establishments.

You can also find five two Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona, as well as multiple fine dining eateries with one Michelin star to their name. 

Whether it’s traditional Catalan cuisine you want to sample, are keen on fusion food with Asian influences or prefer refined French-style fare, I know there’s a Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona to suit you. 

As well as a plethora of culinary delights, I love that you can watch chefs at work in an open kitchen if you choose carefully. Or opt for a restaurant within a hotel lobby, a Modernist structure, a brewery or a neo-Classical building for a unique fine dining experience. 

Whatever tingles your tastebuds, sample Barcelona’s unparalleled foodie scene and you can share tapas-style dishes, try refined Japanese cuisine or put your fate in the hands of an expert chef by opting for a surprise tasting menu. 

I’ve curated this list by drawing on my own experiences visiting wonderful eateries in Barcelona, as well as some amazing recommendations from locals and fellow foodies.

Read on to discover my pick of the best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona to book for your next trip to this beautiful city. 

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

1. Cocina Hermanos Torres

Address: Carrer del Taquígraf Serra 20, 08029 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 3 stars, Green Star

Cocina Hermanos Torres

Cocina Hermanos Torres Cocktail

Named for the twin brothers at the helm – Sergio and Javier Torres Martínez – Cocina Hermanos Torres offers diners an exceptional culinary experience.

I love that a trio of cooking stations take centre stage in the restaurant, so guests can witness the magical transformations taking place. 

This is one of just three Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona. The tasting menu makes clever yet understated use of the finest local, seasonal ingredients.

As à la carte is also an option, so there’s plenty to keep diners coming back for more. 

2. Lasarte

Address: Calle de Mallorca 259, 08008 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 3 stars

Lasarte Ravioli

Lasarte Barcelona

Lasarte is another of the Barcelona Michelin star restaurants that’s triple starred.

I love that you can watch the chefs demonstrating their creative culinary skills here. But only if you manage to secure the Chef’s Table, one of two private dining rooms.

Martín Berasategui is the big name behind this beautiful restaurant, which has a simply stunning contemporary interior that sparkles with light and personality.

Tasting, à la carte and lunch menus are offered, all centred on the local and ocean produce of the region. 

3. ABaC

Address: Avenida del Tibidabo 08022 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 3 stars

ABaC Michelin Star Restaurant in Barcelona

ABaC Dish

ABaC is the third of the Michelin restaurants in Barcelona, Spain with a trio of stars to its name – I know you’ll have an unforgettable meal here.

Head chef Jordi Cruz is a well-known judge on the Spanish version of Masterchef. This eatery in the northwest of the city overlooks a glorious garden.

Cruz is a master of both creativity and flavour. He uses seasonal ingredients to palate and visually pleasing effect throughout the menu.

Even established Mediterranean favourites take on new aspects under his care, delighting diners every time. ABaC’s wine list is also noteworthy.

4. Disfrutar

Address: Calle de Villarroel 163, 08036 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 2 stars

Three El Bulli trained chefs oversee the culinary mastery that takes place at Disfrutar. They have been rewarded with two Michelin stars for their efforts.

Seafood is generally the star of the show here, whether you opt for the Festival or Classic tasting menu.

Trust me when I say that a meal eaten here is never dull, with a bookable ‘living table’ and products of the laboratory such as solid bubbles.

The Classic menu showcases the eatery’s signature dishes, while the Festival option is all about fresh, seasonal flavours.

5. Angle

Address: Calle Aragó 214, 08011 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 2 stars

Angle Restaurant Barcelona

Angle Dish

Spanish celebrity chef Jordi Cruz is also the name behind Angle, a restaurant found inside Hotel Cram in the heart of the city.

This two Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona features an elegant decor with white tablecloths, natural woods and curving floor lamps. 

I love that the menus here are based on seasonal fare. Some dishes are borrowed from Jordi Cruz’s three star ABaC across the city. While others have been specially created for Angle.

Diners can enjoy canapes and drinks on the ground floor here, before heading upstairs for a true culinary treat. 

6. Cinc Sentits

Address: Calle d’Entenca 60, 08015 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 2 stars

Cinc Sentits Restaurant

Cinc Sentits

Head chef Jordi Artal oversees the refined dining experience offered at Cinc Sentits.

One of only five Barcelona Michelin starred restaurants boasting two stars, this eatery offers modern interpretations of Catalan classics. 

If you plan to eat here, you can book up to 45 days in advance – and I’d recommend that you do to bag a reservation. Note that a vegetarian option isn’t offered.

Otherwise you’re in for a real gastronomic treat, with two tasting menus created by a chef who grew up in an olive oil and wine producing family. 

7. Moments 

Address: Passeig de Gràcia 38-40, 08007 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 2 stars

Moments Mandarin Oriental

Right in the historic centre of the city on Passeig de Gràcia is Moments, another of Barcelona’s finest restaurants.

With two Michelin stars, this eatery offers both tasting and à la carte menus featuring elegant Catalan cuisine.

The son of a famous chef is responsible for this restaurant within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at this prestigious Spanish address.

Comprising 17 distinct dishes, I love that the themed set menu cleverly combines Mediterranean ingredients, Catalan flavours and modern twists. 

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8. Enoteca Paco Pérez 

Address: Marina 19, 08005 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 2 stars

Enoteca Paco Pérez Restaurant

Enoteca Paco Pérez

Enoteca Paco Pérez completes the list of five double Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona.

This establishment specialises in refined Mediterranean fare and occupies a waterside location. Produce from the Spanish coastline, countryside and mountains is used here to impressive effect. 

The menu is characterised by such produce, yet contains the occasional Asian influence used only to enhance a particular dish.

I love that here, a fresh, white colour scheme makes for an uplifting dining experience by the marina.  

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9. Aleia

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 132, 08008 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

The Modernist Casa Fuster building on Passeig de Gràcia is home to Aleia, which I’d definitely recommend adding to your Barcelona hit list.

This smart dining room is among the one Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona, and offers a stunning and unique setting for a very special dining experience. 

Local, seasonal produce underpins the menu here, which features contemporary cuisine with the odd Asian or French touch. 

10. Atempo

Address: Córcega 200, 08036 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Atempo Barcelona


A glass of the finest Spanish cava welcomes each and every guest who dines at Atempo. From then on it’s an ever-changing experience.

The first titbits are sampled in a chilled space, before passing the kitchen en route to the spacious, plant-filled dining room.

Again the food served here is the work of famous chef Jordi Cruz, and this comprises a single tasting menu.

Finishing flourishes are often added right in front of diners, which I think makes for a seamless transition between the kitchen, service and the table. 

11. Koy Shunka

Address: De Copons 7, 08002 Barcelona 

Michelin rating: 1 star

Koy Shunka Michelin Barcelona

Koy Shunka

I’d highly recommend Koy Shunka if you’re looking for a Japanese Michelin-star restaurant in Barcelona. The Asian food served here fuses art, aesthetics and flavour.

The name refers to powerful seasonal aromas, and the food that’s created with flair really does reflect this ethos. 

For a more laid-back take on the fine dining experience, guests can take a perch at the bar. Or opt for the more intimate setting of a private table.

A good sake list ensures further new flavours to sample, as well as those within each carefully crafted dish. 

12. Aürt

Address: Paseo del Taulat 262-264, 08019 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Aurt Restaurant

Aurt Barcelona

The sleek, contemporary space occupied by Aürt is an eye-opener from the moment you step through the door, as it’s actually the lobby of the Hilton Diagonal Mar Hotel.

It has an informal feel, with a few tables plus three dining counters providing seating.  Unusually, slick service is often provided by the chefs themselves. They may even add a finishing touch to the dish when serving it to the table, which I think is a lovely touch.

Seasonal ingredients, traditional pairings and modern techniques work in harmony here to create delicious, refined dishes.  

13. Hofmann

Address: La Granada del Penedès 14-16, 08006 Barcelona 

Michelin rating: 1 star

Hofmann Barcelona

Many of founder Mey Hofmann’s proteges have gone onto Michelin-starred success. Her daughter Silvia now fronts Hofmann in Barcelona.

I love that the dining room here has a large picture window so guests can observe activity within the kitchen.

Tasting menus are the order of the day each evening, while during the day it’s all about a la carte dining.

Culinary traditions are given the contemporary treatment here to create dishes full of flavour. I’d advise saving space for dessert: I suspect that the exceptional sweet courses may be the highlight of your visit. 

14. Oria

Address: Passeig de Gràcia 75, 08008 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

The flavours and culinary traditions of the Basque country and the Mediterranean form the basis for Oria’s menu.

Celebrity chef Martin Berasatagui is at the helm, and I know you can expect an outstanding dining experience here.

This restaurant can be found at the Monument Hotel, which is also home to the triple-starred Lasarte.

Like Hofmann, the eatery occupies the property’s lobby. Service is efficient and friendly, and guests can choose between a trio of surprise tasting menus. 

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15. Caelis

Address: Via Laietana 49, 08003 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Caelis Restaurant

Caelis Michelin Restaurant

The neo-Classical Ohla Barcelona Hotel is home to Caelis, a city eatery boasting one Michelin star. Catalan culinary traditions underpin the menu, with dishes also featuring refined French influences. 

The dining room contains a mix of tables. This includes the 14-seater Chef’s Table which I’d recommend for a more interactive experience.

Diners can order from tasting menus or opt to eat a la carte style. One of the former provides a good vegetarian option. 

16. Enigma

Address: Sepúlveda 38, 08038 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Enigma Barcelona

Enigma by name and by nature is what to expect at this Barcelona restaurant. This place provides a palate-pleasing experience in the form of finger food, tapas-style sharers and other delicious small morsels, which I love as a concept.

As seasonal ingredients are used, the menu evolves throughout the year.

Contemporary offerings such as green olive praline, smoked creme fraiche, sweetcorn foam, chervil emulsion or pistachio cream are scattered throughout the menu. 

17. Slow & Low

Address: Comte Borrell 119, 08015 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Slow and Low

Slow and Low Restaurant

Expect the unexpected at this restaurant in Barcelona with a Michelin star – another one I’d highly recommend.

The menu at Slow & Low is designed to enliven the senses, and includes Thai and Mexican influences ideal for fans of spice. 

The restaurant features an open kitchen with two counters, so guests can begin to anticipate the feast being freshly prepared right in front of them.

A 14 course tasting menu is the only option, and this includes plenty of fish and vegetable based dishes. Helpful staff are on hand to explain each unique course. 

18. Via Veneto

Address: Ganduxer 10, 08021 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Via Veneto Restaurant

Via Veneto Barcelona

This authentic Belle Époque restaurant may seem traditional, but I can assure you that it pushes culinary boundaries a little more than you might expect.

For me, the on-site wine cellar at Via Veneto is the highlight. Here guests can choose from a subterranean selection of Spanish and French vintages. 

David Andrés is the youthful chef in charge here, and he expertly creates a good range of dishes.

The pressed, roasted duck has been served on the premises since the late 1960s and I’d highly recommend it! Cuisine based on game is a speciality when in season. 

19. Mont Bar

Address: Diputació 220, 08001 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

Mont Bar Restaurant

Mont Bar Barcelona

As the name suggests, there’s a firm focus on drinks as well as food at Mont Bar, which boasts an impressive wine list.

The relaxed dining experience is based on sharing plates, tapas dishes and snacks which I think is a fresh take on Michelin dining. All are presented in an incredibly photogenic way. 

A gastronomic experience within a laid-back bar is what locals and visitors to Barcelona flock here for.

Service is faultless, and all food is based on what’s fresh and in season. For a refreshingly casual take on the fine dining experience, be sure to book your table at Mont Bar.  

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20. Alkimia

Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 41, 08011 Barcelona

Michelin rating: 1 star

A slick, contemporary space with clever lighting, an aquatic theme and lots of white is home to Alkimia. This Barcelona restaurant with a Michelin star is actually located within the Moritz beer factory.

The space has been reimagined to provide guests with one of the best gastronomic adventures available in the city. 

Jordi Vilà draws on Catalan culinary traditions here to create just one tasting menu – or two when fresh game is in season. I’d also recommend the more casual Alkostat bistro, which can be found on the same premises.

There are plenty of Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona – do let me know any of your favourites or recommendations in the comments!

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