Into the jungle: Thailand treehouse stay

Thailand treehouse stay

After the madness of Bangkok, it was time for a recovery retreat. And what better place to counteract the chaos of the city than with a stay in the heart of the jungle. Bangkok and the jungle could not be more different, with the exception of the humidity and the sporadic heavy downpours. It was the perfect place to unwind and get back to nature. A Thailand treehouse stay to remember.

Thailand treehouse stay


Jungle creatures

Our jungle of choice was situated in the stunning Khao Sok National Park. Accommodation was in the form of beautiful treehouses – the stuff of childhood dreams! Inevitably the very nature of jungle life is not all bells and whistles. Showering was difficult with only a dribble to work with, only worsened when I picked up my towel to find an unforgivingly large spider staring back at me (why are all insects in the jungle jumbo size?). Cue 15 minutes of drip drying because I’m too pathetic to tackle the spider sitch. I also went to sleep with a huge bug / creature / I have no clue what it was sitting on my mosquito net. I knew it couldn’t get in but it stared at me all night. When I woke up it was still there, staring away. Yikes.

Bugs aside, there’s another non-human which dominated our jungle stay. One morning, I stroll outside to be greeted with a planet of the apes type situation. Monkeys. Everywhere.

Monkey eating an Oreo

Why? Because we had Oreos and turns out monkeys love Oreos. So much so that they will snatch them from you without a second thought for table manners (really why would they…they’re monkeys). My favourite discovery was that monkeys eat Oreos like any functioning human would – by breaking apart the biscuit sandwich and eating the milk first. Genius.


Kayaking and bamboo tea

Days were spent kayaking through the park and swimming in the river. To my delight, we didn’t even have to do the actual kayaking part – each boat had someone in the back to do all the paddling for us. We just had to sit back, relax and soak up the surrounding beauty.

Kayaking through the jungle

Part way through our kayaking adventure, we stopped off for some afternoon tea jungle style. It involved chopping up some bamboo, filling it with water and putting it on the fire to boil. Meanwhile we were fashioned a little cup out of bamboo and an accompanying bamboo teaspoon. Once boiled, we grabbed a teabag et voila! A bamboo cup of tea.

Making tea in bamboo


Just a heads up that if you ever find yourself in the same position, don’t be tempted to keep your bamboo cup as a souvenir. We all found our cups oozing with mould several days later in the depths of our backpacks. Not cool.


Jungle relaxing 

My favourite moment was sitting on our sheltered balcony in the middle of a thunderstorm. Who needs one of those jungle noise Spotify playlists to help you relax when you can hear it live? The jungle sound effects were the best part of our jungle stay – I like to hear the bugs, I just don’t like to share a bed / shower with them!

I’d highly recommend a jungle treehouse stay to anyone visiting Thailand – as long as you’re cool sharing your room with a few creatures of the wild. My top tip? Bug spray will be your best friend.


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