Beaches and sunsets: staying in Langkawi

Staying in Langkawi - boat cruise

As if my previous post on our stay in Krabi didn’t provide you with enough beach envy, worry not. I’m about to bombard you with more beaches and boats than you know what to do with with my account of staying in Langkawi. If you hate all things beaches and boats then just bear with me because I’ve got some more urban / cultural (sort of) articles coming to a town near you very soon.

Meanwhile, back to the beach.

After Krabi we made our way to Langkawi, an island just off mainland Malaysia. This is one of my favourite places I’ve ever visited and I’m not really sure why (helpful Jessie, excellent blogging skills). In short, it’s a lot more chilled than the rest of Malaysia and just has such a welcoming, laid-back vibe.


Peace and quiet

I’m told that Langkawi is usually quite a lively place. Except we went during Ramadan, which means that the streets are quiet because everyone’s too hungry to function. It also means that everywhere is closed in the day. Helpful. But the quiet was actually refreshing and only added to the chilled-ness. It’s a word, ahem.

Langkawi beaches

As with Krabi in Thailand, there are a considerable amount of western influences in Langkawi, but it does still retain the odd touch of authenticity. You won’t have to walk very far to find a burger or pizza place, so the fussy eaters amongst you would be fine. Unfortunately all the more traditional restaurants were mostly closed when we needed them, due to Ramadan.


Bars and beaches

Evenings are inevitably spent lounging on a slightly damp bean bag on the beach with a beer in hand. Watch the locals throw around some fire, mingle with the other tourists (there will be lots) and get a bit tipsy.

Langkawi View

Due to the intense humidity, lightening is near enough constant. Make sure you walk along the beach, with the waves lapping at your feet and a thunderstorm brewing around you. That’s probably bad health and safety advice on my part but it’s totally worth it.


Langkawi boat cruise

This was probably the highlight of my entire trip. Our group set out for sail on a catamaran a few hours before sunset. Armed with alcohol, swimwear and cameras, we were ready to party like movie stars and chase the sunset. With music playing loud and a view to die for, our crew lit up the BBQ and cooked us a feast.

Sunset Glow in Langkawi

Before eating we had the chance to enjoy a pretty unique ‘natural’ jacuzzi. The crew attach a net from the back of the catamaran to a little rib boat which is pulled along behind. They slow the boat right down and the jets from the catamaran create a little jacuzzi in the net. All that’s left to do is climb in and enjoy.

Ocean jacuzzi Langkawi

Although on paper this sounds like a fantastic idea, the reality was incredibly fun but not particularly relaxing. The boat is still moving so if you don’t want to drown you gotta hold on tight or you’ll just get flung off the net and into the sea. Okay you probably wouldn’t drown (unless you can’t swim) but still, it would be less than ideal. Unfortunately the jets from the boat were also intent on forcing my bikini off. So one hand was firmly holding onto the net for dear life and one hand was holding onto my boobs for dear life.


Chasing sunsets

After that hilarious but only slightly terrifying experience, it was time to eat and then watch the sunset. And boy did the sunset deliver for us. The sky turned an amalgamation of gorgeous colours. We were the only boat as far as the eye could see, so there was total peace and quiet. It was utter bliss.

Langkawi Sunset

Contiki Langkawi

Langkawi sunset chasing

Staying in Langkawi - boat cruise

Beautiful Langkawi Sunset

Just dreamy.


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