15 best Michelin-star restaurants in Bruges, Belgium

Assiette Blanche Bruges

Bruges is one of my favourite European city breaks and if, like me, you’re a foodie then you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you want to eat at the best restaurants in Bruges, I’d recommend seeking out the Michelin star establishments.

To save you the legwork, I’ve put together this guide to 15 of the city’s top eateries – based on my own personal experiences plus recommendations from locals and fellow travellers.

My guide includes those boasting a Michelin star, a Bib Gourmand award or a recommendation in the Michelin Guide. 

So what’s the difference, you may well ask. A Michelin-starred restaurant is a destination in itself, worth visiting for what could be one of the top gastronomic experiences of your life.

You can also expect culinary excellence at a Bib Gourmand awarded eatery, but at great value prices. 

If you cannot get a table at a restaurant boasting either of these awards, then a Michelin-recommended eatery is the next best thing.

Selected restaurants in this category are recommended by the Michelin Guide, and each is featured due to the high quality of its cuisine. 

Whether you want classic French with a contemporary twist, Pan-Asian, Sicilian or an authentic taste of the Belgian countryside, you can find all the best restaurants in Bruges right here.

Just remember when you’re here that the local language is a West Flemish dialect based on Dutch. So you’re just as likely to get by as a visitor with English as French. 

Here’s my pick of the 15 best Michelin starred, Bib Gourmand awarded or Michelin recommended restaurants in Bruges. 

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

Michelin-star restaurants in Bruges

Zet’Joe by Geert Van Hecke

Address: Langestraat 11, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: One star

One of my top recommendations, food served at Geert Van Hecke’s Bruges restaurant is described by the Michelin Guide as ‘creative French’. Diners can expect culinary classics with a contemporary twist.

Sauces are a particular highlight, and the depth of flavour impressive. Menus at Zet’Joe are simple: there’s Le Plat Pays or Brugge Die Scone to choose between.

Each typically offers two to three picks per course, and both are based around the freshest available produce for each season. 

Each course on the menu includes a meat-free option. This may be matched to the version containing fish or meat.

For example, diners may order asparagus served with salmon or with morels and peas, which is a great idea for those who wish to share a similar culinary experience. 

Sans Cravate

Address: Langestraat 159, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: One star

Sans Cravate

Curvaceous white crockery ensures that the focus at Sans Cravate is firmly on the food. And, as you would expect, the presentation is incredibly photogenic.

Top-notch ingredients form the basis of the menus, which vary between weekdays and weekends. 

The restaurant is located behind a shop and wine bar, giving the eatery a cosy ambience and the air of a well-concealed secret.

There is also a suite on-site for those who want to prolong the experience of dining at one of the top restaurants in Bruges.

Set menus are offered here, with six and seven course options available. All courses are innovative, well-balanced and a beauty to behold.

Lots of fresh seafood is generally a key feature, including house specialities like scallop with curry sauce and Dover sole with white truffle and brown shrimp. 

Bib Gourmand restaurants in Bruges


Address: Smedenstraat 47, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Bib Gourmand

I love a down-to-earth approach and food that’s packed with flavour, which is exactly what you’ll find at Tou.Gou.

The menu at this Bruges restaurant has a countryside theme, featuring classic French favourites like partridge, snails and tripe. 

Presentation is pretty but unfussy, and the service is superb. A sleek, pared-back decor combined with plain white crockery really makes the food sing.

Diners praise the food for its authenticity and deliciousness, while the ambience is relaxed and welcoming.

As well as rustic, meaty dishes there are lighter options, including courses where fresh seafood is the undisputed star of the show.

Before or after dinner, I’d recommend perching at the bar. It’s an ideal place to enjoy a drink in a laid-back yet chic environment. 

Locàle by Kok au Vin

Address: Ezelstraat 21, Brugge, 8000, Belgium 

Accolade: Bib Gourmand

Another leading light on the Bruges country cooking scene is Locàle by Kok au Vin.

This Bib Gourmand eatery is more of a casual bistro than a formal restaurant. Dishes are delivered to the table on chunky crockery that calls to mind the European countryside.

It’s a theme that’s also reflected in the menu, which works in harmony with the seasons and the local environment to create various culinary delights.

The chef’s use of a Mibrasa charcoal oven also ensures each and every dish is imbibed with unique flavour. 

The setting is also entirely unstuffy, with leather-clad banquettes, lots of natural wood and plenty of light.

Walk-ins are also accepted here subject to availability, though I’d recommend advance booking to avoid disappointment. 

Michelin-recommended restaurants in Bruges

Assiette Blanche

Address: Philipstockstraat 23, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Assiette Blanche Bruges

The wood-clad walls and soft leather booth seating at Assiette Blanche give this Bruges eatery something of an old-school air as well as a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. 

The food also combines the classic and the contemporary to create modern cuisine that is, of course, presented on slick white plates.

Assiette Blanche Restaurant

A special Bib Gourmand menu is offered, featuring three or four courses, and supplements are payable for some options.

All dishes are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. They arrive beautifully presented with garnishes crafted from fresh herbs, edible flowers or delicate leaves. 


Address: Molenmeers 2, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Refter Michelin Restaurant Bruges

Looks can be deceiving – the slightly tatty Turkish carpet combined with industrial-style shelving and lighting at Refter could perhaps give the impression that this Bruges restaurant might not deliver on flavour.

The food, however, is flawless, and the main dining room has a more upmarket, refined feel.

I’d recommend this restaurant for a fuss-free culinary experience that’s all about top quality ingredients, palate-pleasing flavours and great value for money. 


Address: ‘t Zand 21, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

The name of this former Michelin star restaurant in Bruges is an acronym. So what does it stand for? Love, Eat, Share and Smile.

A simple ethos embraced by this eatery that exists to make the finest gourmet food accessible to all.

L.E.S.S. is most certainly more when it comes to sharing delicious dishes that pull together influences from around the globe, including the culinary traditions of the far east.

LESS Michelin Restaurant Bruges

Dining is informal, and often centred on the counter. The menu at L.E.S.S. includes gluten-free and vegan options – perfect if, like me, you have food intolerances.

Plus, there is a focus on creating a gastronomic experience that nourishes the body as well as the soul.

Typical dishes featured on the menu include deconstructed sushi, glazed eel with sorrel and black sesame ice cream with butterscotch. 

Le Mystique

Address: N. Desparsstraat 11, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

The grandest of dining rooms resplendent with red velvet, ornate cornicing, twinkling chandeliers and parquet flooring promise a special dining experience at Le Mystique. The reality does not disappoint.

Cuisine served here is creative and uses ingredients from all over the globe, while the setting screams special occasion.

Order a bottle of French champagne and live it up while the team wow your senses with a delectable and very photogenic range of dishes. 

Four, five or six course menus are offered and these can be accompanied by wine pairings. I also love that there is even the option of ‘a driver’s sip’ for motorists who don’t want to miss out!

Goesepitte 43

Address: Goezeputstraat 43, Brugge, 8000, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Goesepitte 43 Bruges

Goesepitte 43 introduces something of a tropical ambience to central Bruges.

The decor is awash with bold, colourful prints and potted plants while the outdoor garden features parasols topping each table.

As at Big Gourmand awarded Locàle by Kok au Vin, a charcoal Mibrasa oven is used here to infuse every baked dish with a unique flavour.

Goesepitte 43 Brugge

Dishes also centre around vegetables, with inspiration coming from market-fresh produce as well as contemporary French cuisine. 

This doesn’t mean that meat and fish are absent, however: far from it. This small, 20 cover restaurant showcases ingredients like cockles, suckling pig, veal and the catch of the day to sample.

All before trying Michelin’s must: the Crêpe Normande served with homemade ice cream.


Address: Academiestraat 2, 8000 Brugge

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

L Aperovino Bruges

L’aperovino offers diners an exquisite experience that blends the best of wine and gourmet food.

This restaurant has quickly earned a reputation for its impeccable wine selection, and I can see why.

Every bottle on the list is carefully selected, with options that range from local Belgian varieties to international bestsellers.

The food at L’aperovino focuses on a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian fare with modern interpretations.

The dishes are characterised by fresh ingredients, robust flavours, and elegant presentation. Each dish is designed to pair perfectly with a wine from their extensive list.

L’aperovino has a warm and contemporary setting. The subdued lighting, modern art, and rustic wooden features create an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and welcoming.


Address: Meestraat 9, 8000 Brugge

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Bruut is a shining gem in Bruges’ dining scene, offering a gastronomic journey inspired by local ingredients and Belgian culinary traditions.

The menu at Bruut changes regularly based on the season and the freshest available produce.

Dishes are refined yet hearty, showcasing the best of Belgian flavours with a contemporary touch.

Standout dishes might include the North Sea crab with green apple and wasabi, or a succulent pigeon with black garlic and hazelnuts.

The interior of Bruut strikes a balance between minimalistic elegance and rustic charm.

Large windows allow natural light to flood the dining space, offering views of the canal and the historical buildings outside.

Chef Bruno Timperman, the mastermind behind Bruut, places significant emphasis on sourcing local ingredients – but he’s not afraid to be bold with his culinary innovation.

De Mangerie

Address: Oude Burg 20, 8000 Brugge

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

De Mangerie Bruges

Tucked away in the heart of Bruges, De Mangerie stands as a testament to how diverse the city’s culinary offerings can be. 

De Mangerie stands out with its intriguing blend of Belgian foundations and oriental influences.

This unique culinary marriage results in dishes that are both familiar and exotic, offering diners a gastronomic journey that is as much about discovery as it is about indulgence. 

The fusion of flavours, techniques, and ingredients from both culinary traditions creates a menu that’s truly one-of-a-kind in Bruges.

I love the interiors of De Mangerie, as they resonate with understated elegance offering a cosy but stylish setting. 

Complementing its diverse food offerings, De Mangerie also showcases an extensive wine and drink list.

Each selection is carefully chosen to either complement the oriental flavours or to provide a delightful contrast.

Franco Belge

Address: Academiestraat 2, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Franco Belge Exterior

Nestled in the heart of Bruges, on one of its most bustling avenues, Franco Belge perfectly melds the historical charm of the city with a distinctively modern flair.

While deeply rooted in the Franco-Belgian culinary heritage, the restaurant delights in presenting dishes with a fresh, modern reinterpretation.

Franco Belge

This duality is mirrored in its interior design, which exudes a warmth that invites relaxation, juxtaposed against clean, contemporary lines.

This chic gastronomic haven, steered by the talented duo, Dries and Tomas, unveils a myriad of culinary wonders.

Its allure is especially evident during lunch hours, making Franco Belge a sought-after dining spot in Bruges – this is a popular restaurant with the locals.

Cantine Copine

Address: Academiestraat 2, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Cantine Copine encapsulates the very heart of dining: savouring exquisite meals amidst cherished company.

Whether you’re with family, friends, or coworkers, the central ethos remains the same: dining should be an experience of joy and togetherness. The guiding principle of the eatery is simplicity and authenticity.

Concentrating on its core strengths, the restaurant offers dishes that are both sophisticated and bursting with flavour, each artistically presented.

There’s no adherence to set menus, overbearing service or strict dress codes; this is a welcoming restaurant where you can make the experience whatever you’d like it to be.

Karen Keygnaert’s inviting establishment is adorned with exposed brick walls, providing a subtle nod to its historical lineage.

I love that every guest stepping into Cantine Copine is greeted with warmth, akin to a long-lost friend, and is offered a culinary journey crafted from the finest ingredients.


Address: Academiestraat 2, 8000 Brugge, Belgium

Accolade: Michelin Recommended

Breaking away from the traditional Belgian mould, Tanuki brings the flavours of Japan to the heart of Bruges.

This Michelin-recommended restaurant in Bruges is named after a mythical Japanese creature and embodies the spirit of Japanese culinary traditions.

Tanuki offers an array of authentic Japanese dishes. From perfectly rolled sushi to steaming bowls of ramen and crispy tempura, each dish transports diners straight to the streets of Tokyo.

The freshness of ingredients, especially the seafood, is paramount, ensuring that each dish resonates with authentic flavours.

The interiors of Tanuki are imbued with Japanese aesthetics. Delicate bamboo accents, traditional Japanese art, and soft lighting create a serene and authentic environment.

It’s a space where the hustle and bustle of Bruges fade away, replaced by the tranquillity of a Japanese haven. I can’t think of a better way to spend an evening!

Tanuki also offers a traditional Japanese teppanyaki experience, where food is grilled on an iron plate.

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