21 amazing gift ideas for travel lovers

Gifts for Travel Lovers

If you’re looking for an amazing gift for the travel lover in your life, I’ve got you covered! As a dedicated globetrotter myself, I know exactly the kind of gifts that my fellow wanderlusters would simply love.

From thoughtful sentimental travel gifts to wonderfully practical ideas which make travelling that bit easier, I have gathered together a whole range of options.

From affordable travel gifts to more high-end options, let’s dive into some of my favourite gift ideas for travel lovers across the full range of price points.

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

1. Wooden World Map Wall Art

Brand: Enjoy The Wood

Price: From £60.00

Buy: Etsy

Wooden World Map Wall Art

Elevate the home of any travel enthusiast with a large 3D wooden world map, intricately handcrafted from sustainable birch plywood.

I adore this world map wall art and can’t wait to get one for myself once I’ve moved house! Each contour and carved landmass brings the world into the confines of a room, making it the perfect wall centrepiece.

Apart from being a decorative masterpiece, it also functions as a travel planner and memory board, letting you mark your adventures or plan new ones.

The map, particularly striking against light-coloured walls, comes with an optional add-on pack of 243 flag stickers, covering major countries, states, and provinces.

With a detailed installation guide and a strong double-sided tape, putting up this piece is as enjoyable as dreaming about the next travel destination!


  • Scratch Off World Map // £16.99 // Amazon
  • Cork Board Wooden Travel Map Wall Decor // From £140.00 // Etsy

2. Travel journal

Brand: HemStudioCo

Price: £14.40

Buy: Etsy

journal for travellers

Reminiscing over the good times and new experiences I’ve had on my travels is one of the best parts of the journey – especially over a glass of wine or two with friends! 

What better place to store all your favourite travel memories than in this gorgeous faux leather binder? You can also add that personal touch by choosing the text to be foiled onto the cover. 

Mistakes don’t matter in this travel journal – simply remove the page and add a fresh one in. The journal comes with 120 pages to fill with your best travel tales.

Document your personal ‘been’ and ‘bucket’ lists; your favourite places, foods and experiences across the globe; 10 trips with itineraries, memories and budgets; and keep memorabilia safe in a zip pocket. 

I especially love that this journal has customisable tab dividers – I’d probably choose to split the journal up into years or locations to keep everything tidy. 

For the island hoppers among us, if 10 trips doesn’t cut it, you can purchase additional insert packs to keep adding to your sleek travel journal.  


  •  Travel Journal Binder // £35.99 // Etsy
  • Custom World Map Travel Journal // £19.99 // Etsy

3. Travel prints

Brand: Rae and Noo

Price: From £3.75

Buy: Etsy

Travel prints

Home decor is something I’m a true lover of, so this relatively minimalist way of incorporating my favourite travel destinations into my future home is a must! 

Inspiring wanderlust and evoking fond travel memories, these prints make the perfect gifts for travel lovers. 

Choose one as a piece of travel-themed wall art, or combine multiple into a statement wall showcasing your gift recipient’s bucket list and dream destinations. 

These prints are available in a range of different sizes, including: A5, A4, A3, 6 x 4, 7 x 5 or 10 x 8 inches – so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect size for your space!

Whichever city or town inspires you and your gift recipient, Rae and Noo can design it. You can remove the location name and coordinates that are below the image, but I personally love the almost retro vibe of it!


  • Italy Travel Prints (Set of 3) // From £14.00 // Etsy
  • Vintage Travel Posters // £10.80 // Etsy

4. Packing cubes


Price: £26.99

Buy: Amazon

Packing cubes

In my opinion, packing cubes are nothing short of life-changing for frequent travellers. 

Granted, before I started using them, they did seem like a faff that added another step onto the already tedious packing – but I’ve found that they actually help to save both time and space in my case. 

Eco-friendly, this set of packing cubes includes several different sizes, making them perfect for everything from small items like socks and swimwear to larger items like shoes and jackets. 

These packing cubes help to maximise the limited space you have, meaning you can throw in that extra pair of shoes.

Just remember, while packing cubes help you save space, they don’t magically give you a higher weight allowance!   


  • Toifucos Packing Cubes // £10.99 // Amazon
  • GEEDIAR Packing Cubes // £19.99 // Amazon

5. Portable power bank

Brand: Anker

Price: £27.99

Buy: Amazon

Portable power bank

Your phone running out of battery is bad enough on a normal day, but when you’re out exploring a new city or the Wonders of the World, it goes beyond inconvenience! 

Especially when I’m travelling, I never leave without a portable charger in my bag.  We use our devices for so much more than just taking photos in new locations – think directions, translation and bookings.

Having a powerful portable charger on hand that is compatible with a range of devices means you won’t have to worry about conjuring up your best foreign language knowledge or getting lost. 

This portable charger features a 20W USB-C port with enough power to charge an iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes, as well as a 12W USB port to charge a second device.

Super slim at just 0.6 inches thick, I love that this portable charger is the perfect fit for purses, backpacks and handbags. 


  • Coolreall Power Bank // £15.99 // Amazon
  • INIU Portable Charger // £21.99 // Amazon

6. Travel pillow

Brand: SNUGL

Price: £29.95

Buy: Amazon

Travel pillow

Whether you’re flying or travelling by train, there’s no denying that usually the journeys aren’t the most comfortable! 

In fact, as much as I try to enjoy the journey to my destination, the discomfort sometimes makes it feel like a chore, rather than the beginning of an adventure. 

A portable travel pillow like this is definitely something I think would make a wonderful travel gift. 

This travel pillow can amazingly be rolled up to 70% of the original size, and stored in a small bag which can attach to your luggage.

Even accounting for us over-ear headphone wearers, this memory foam travel pillow offers several different ways to wear it, providing the support you need – side-sleepers included!


  • Jiancrate Travel Pillow // £14.99 // Amazon
  • life hall Travel Pillow // £12.00 // Amazon

7. Worldwide travel adapter


Price: £18.49

Buy: Amazon

Worldwide travel adapter

We’ve all been there – a new destination, new sites, and a new plug socket that you didn’t bring an adapter for. Well, I know I have! After that incident, I’ve never travelled without a worldwide travel adapter.

Not only does this ensure you can charge your devices, but the four USB ports mean you can charge five devices at once. 

You won’t need to buy a new adapter for each new destination you visit, and you won’t need to bring multiple adapters to ensure your devices are charged and you’re able to use your appliances. 

Featuring built in EU, UK, AU, US plug sockets, you can easily use this adapter in over 224 countries, such as across Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, and more. 


  • LUOWAN Travel Adapter // £16.90 // Amazon
  • BOKHOM Travel Adapter // £21.99 // Amazon

8. Kindle Paperwhite

Brand: Amazon

Price: £149.99

Buy: Amazon

Kindle Paperwhite

Literature lovers and fiction fanatics will know the struggle of using up a significant portion of your luggage weight allowance with books.

I know that I had always been reluctant to make the swap from paperbacks to a Kindle, but the paperwhite version was a game-changer. 

This version of the Kindle reads like real paper, even in the bright sunlight of tropical and faraway destinations.

I also love the fact that you shouldn’t need to worry about bringing a charger with you, as it holds a huge up to 10 weeks of battery life.

Warm light is less harsh on your eyes, meaning you can explore the catalogue of tales without strain. You can also adjust the shade to suit your liking, from white light to amber. 


  • Kindle Oasis // £259.99 // Amazon
  • Kindle Kids // £104.99 // Amazon

9. Noise-cancelling headphones

Brand: Apple

Price: £129.00

Buy: Amazon

Noise-cancelling headphones

Travelling can often be a noisy experience, with children crying, loud engines and the occasional snoring to contend with. 

That’s why I always make sure to bring some noise-cancelling headphones with me to ensure a peaceful journey.

Apple’s AirPods have long been my go-to, with the handy charging case ensuring I have up to 24 hours of battery life and listening time at my disposal. 

Knowing I can track my headphones with my phone is also a huge bonus, for when the fear strikes that I’ve accidentally left them on a train! 


  • Bose QuietComfort Headphones // £349.95 // John Lewis
  • Sony Noise-Cancelling Headphones // £99.00 // Amazon

10. Travel-themed books

Brand: Lonely Planet

Price: £31.99

Buy: Amazon

Travel-themed books

When it comes to travel-related literature, I haven’t read anywhere near as much as I should have! 

Not only can travel literature give you ideas for your next trip, it can also inspire you to view your travels with a fresh perspective.

Top of my reading list is ‘The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World’ – a book filled with country profiles and invaluable local information. 

From when to visit and the foods to eat to the things to see and do, this travel book is a compelling read and great source of wanderlust!   

Or for a beautiful coffee table travel book, I’d recommend A Journey Through Style, People and Experiences from Zannier Hotels.


  • Wild Women: and Their Amazing Adventures Over Land, Sea and Air // £21.99 // Amazon
  • The Art of Travel // £10.95 // Amazon

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11. Collapsible water bottle

Brand: ilounge

Price: £14.99

Buy: Etsy

Collapsible water bottle

Carrying a heavy, clunky water bottle is never ideal – especially when you’re travelling – which is why discovering these collapsible water bottles has been incredible for me.

Eco friendly, lightweight, BPA free and dishwasher friendly, these water bottles offer all you could need and more.  Choose from seven shades to compliment your gift recipient’s style as they stay hydrated.

Holding 500ml and weighing just 145g when empty, this collapsible water bottle easily clips onto your bag for when it isn’t needed. 

This is definitely on my essentials list for travelling, hiking, and any outdoors activities. 


  • Motivational Collapsible Water Bottle // £8.99 // Amazon
  • Valourgo Collapsible Water Bottle // £12.59 // Amazon

12. Travel wallet and organiser

Brand: Penny Rose Home Gifts

Price: From £19.99

Buy: Etsy

Travel wallet and organiser

Staying organised is key to staying calm and in control when travelling. That’s why I love this travel wallet and organiser where I can keep my documents, passport and relevant cards in one place.

Sleek, stylish and an accessory in itself, this product makes for a great gift for travellers. Available in five gorgeous colours and customisable with initials, you can add a personal touch to this gift.  

This luxurious travel organiser features multiple designated pockets for passports, boarding passes, other travel essentials and six credit cards – what more could you need? 


  • Personalised Travel Wallet // £16.65 // Etsy
  • Premium Travel Document Wallet // £34.99 // Etsy

13. Personalised luggage tags

Brand: Cush Case Designs

Price: £19.99

Buy: Etsy

Personalised luggage tags

Luggage tags are not only functional, but can be a meaningful travel gift too.

These leather luggage tags are available in six classic colours, and can be personalised with your gift recipient’s name, or a meaningful phrase. 

Handmade using premium materials, these luggage tags are made to last. Tough and durable, you won’t have to worry about the tags falling off or pieces of ribbon you used to use untying. 

Even better, you can give a friend or family member a matching luggage tag for their hand luggage and hold luggage.


  • Leather Luggage Tags // £10.99 // Etsy
  • Personalised PU Leather Luggage Tags // £10.49 // Etsy

14. Instant camera

Brand: Instax

Price: £79.99

Buy: John Lewis

Instant camera

Instant photography is on the rise as people want to capture moments in time rather than look back at edited experiences. 

I have to say, I’m a huge lover of instant cameras – they give you a real, authentic shot that’s completely one-of-a-kind.  Collate the shots into an album or get creative and create a scrapbook with them.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera comes in five wonderful pastel tones and boasts a whole range of features to make using the camera easy and intuitive.

A perfectly-positioned selfie mirror makes taking selfies easy, and automatic exposure and flash control means you won’t need to mess around with settings on the device.

You’ll get bold and vibrant colourful snaps contained in a white frame in just five seconds – and a memory to last a lifetime. 


  • Polaroid Now Instant Camera // £93.99 // Amazon
  • KODAK Mini Shot 3 Retro // £139.99 // Amazon

15. Travel-themed jewellery

Brand: NeckGold

Price: From £20.00

Buy: Etsy

Travel-themed jewellery

For a more subtle gift for the travel-lover in your life, opt for minimalist travel themed jewellery.

Crafted with sterling silver and also available as both gold plated and rose gold plated, this piece is perfect for both wanderlusters and adventure enthusiasts. 

With two charms – a globe and an aeroplane – attached to a delicate bracelet, this understated piece of jewellery is ideal for both everyday wear, and also as an occasion piece. 

I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for travel-themed jewellery!


  • 18k Gold Gondola Pendant // £356.53 // Etsy
  • Compass Necklace // From £24.00 // Etsy

16. Portable espresso maker


Price: £69.90

Buy: Amazon

Portable espresso maker

Some people just can’t function without their hit of caffeine, and after a long journey, that person is me! 

To get your perfect espresso anywhere, all you need is this portable espresso maker, some hot water, and finely ground, tamped hard coffee – no electricity needed! 

Whether you’ve been hiking and wild camping or sat in your hotel, an espresso always goes down well. 

With an 80ml capacity, this product weighs just 340g, meaning it’s the perfect size to pack away into your backpack or handbag.  


  • CONQUECO Portable Coffee Machine Travel  // £119.99 // Amazon
  • Outin Nano Portable Electric Espresso Machine // £139.99 // Amazon

17. Compression socks

Brand: Calves Kelson

Price: £14.98

Buy: Amazon

Compression socks

This is more functional than exciting, but it still makes a great gift for the travellers in your life – especially as a Christmas stocking filler!

Compression socks are ideal for when you’re flying to your destination.

They help to promote the circulation in your legs and reduce swelling, which many people struggle with on flights – myself included! 


  • Danish Endurance Compression Socks // £29.95 // Amazon
  • Scholl Flight Socks // £15.99 // Amazon

18. Suitcase 

Brand: Delsey

Price: £469.00

Buy: John Lewis


A suitcase can be stylish as well as sturdy!  Gifting a sleek yet tough suitcase is a great option for any island hopper. Suitcases are an investment that will be used and loved time and time again. 

They hold the key to many of the memories that will be made on a trip, and allow for safe storage of belongings. 

I love the earthy tones and contemporary style of this case (and it’s a suitcase I use myself) – trust me when I say that it’s one you won’t struggle to find on the conveyor belt! 

For some more high-end options, have a read of my guide to the best designer suitcases


  • Antler Stamford Suitcase // £240.00 // John Lewis
  • Samsonite Upscape Suitcase // £229.00 // John Lewis

19. Travel laptop bag

Brand: Nordace

Price: £91.99

Buy: Amazon

Travel laptop bag

For those who travel while working, a travel laptop bag that meets the mark is essential. 

Structured with a hidden pocket, this smart backpack is for shorter journeys or as hand luggage on longer journeys. 

Using vegan leather, this backpack is wonderfully finished, with structured fabric giving a sleek design. 

A USB port makes sure this bag has it all and can keep your devices charged up. 

Discover more of my favourite travel laptop bags.


  • Antler Chelsea Backpack // £100.00 // John Lewis
  • Rains Classic Mini Backpack // £79.00 // John Lewis

20. Digital luggage scale


Price: £12.99

Buy: Amazon

Digital luggage scale

I don’t know about you, but I am famously bad for over-packing and really pushing the luggage weight limits.

Travel-wise, I can’t think of many things more embarrassing than having to open your case at the check-in desk and transfer items to your hand luggage because of the weight restrictions. 

That’s why having some accurate digital luggage scales is an absolute must. 

Hand-held and with a capacity of 50kg – I hope you aren’t travelling with that much luggage – these scales can easily be popped into your hand luggage for weighing on the way home. 


  • FREETOO Luggage Scale // £11.89 // Amazon
  • Etekcity EL11 Luggage Scale // £11.99 // Amazon

21. Travel-themed calendar

Price: £22.00

Buy: Etsy

Travel-themed calendar

Celebrate travel all year long with this whimsical 2024 destination calendar – which also doubles up as 12 prints when the month ends! 

I love each and every one of the illustrations, combining soft colours with bright pops of colour to create iconic landscapes. 

Including the likes of Copenhagen, Hanoi and Paros, this calendar would truly make me anticipate being able to change the page to a new month and a new view. 


  • Travel Calendar // £15.00 // Etsy
  • Italy Travel Calendar // £22.00 // Etsy

If I’ve done my job properly then you should hopefully now have lots of gift ideas for travel lovers. Do let me know any of your own ideas for travel gifts in the comments, as I always love hearing from you!

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Jessie Moore
Jessie Moore

Jessie is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

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