10 dreamy digital detox retreats in the UK

Unplugged.Rest window view

In a world of screens, social media and constant notifications, finding a moment to disconnect can seem impossible. Yet often what our mental – and even physical – health needs most is a digital detox. 

As someone who often struggles with burnout from too much work and screen time, I know the importance of finding the time to take a break from digital devices. But I also know that it’s a lot easier said than done!

Luckily, there are a number of amazing digital detox retreats in the UK where the aim is to help you reset, de-stress and reconnect with yourself and the natural world. 

These retreats offer a variety of experiences to help you disconnect from the digital world. Whether it’s a tranquil stay in the heart of the English countryside or a remote island stay surrounded by nature. 

In my guide to the best digital detox retreats in the UK, I’ve covered a range of different options and locations to suit everyone. From lengthy retreats to an afternoon of mindfulness, these are the perfect places to unplug and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

So if you’re ready to swap your phone’s glare for the glow of a sunset, read on to find your ideal digital detox retreat. 

Author Bio: Jessie Moore

Jessie Moore is a luxury travel expert with years of experience travelling the world to find the best destinations, hotels and adventures.

1. Unplugged, Various Locations

I first heard about Unplugged a few years ago and I thought it was such a great concept.

These unique off-grid cabins are beautifully designed to complement the nature that engulfs them.

Think simplistic but cosy interiors and large picture windows that make you feel as though you’re sleeping in nature.

Unplugged Setting
Credit: Rebecca Hope

Upon arrival, you’ll lock away your phones in a secure box, fully relinquishing your digital ties so you can completely disconnect. 

Don’t worry though, you’ll be provided with an old-school Nokia phone in case you need to contact anyone in an emergency.

Plus an Instant Camera so you can capture your digital detox memories without the need for a phone!

Unplugged.Rest window view
Credit: Rebeca Hope

Spend your days reading, meditating and exploring the surrounding countryside. 

With various locations just outside of London, these digital detox retreats are perfect for those who live in the city and crave an escape.

There are also a couple of cabins in Wales and a couple not far from Manchester.

2. 42 Acres, Frome

Set in the beautiful Somerset landscape, 42 Acres offers a more extensive approach to digital detox that blends luxury with wellbeing.

The setting is a sanctuary of nature, from the ancient woodlands and tranquil lakes to an abundance of wildlife, such as owls, wild boar, otters, beavers and more.

Accommodation is rustic but luxurious, so you don’t need to give up your home comforts to enjoy this digital detox retreat. 

42 Acres prides itself on sustainable practices and holistic wellness offerings, including yoga sessions, guided meditation and nature restoration projects.

Dining here is another highlight, with a ‘Soil to Gut’ menu that comprises home-grown and foraged ingredients from the estate. 

There are a number of different digital detox retreats on offer depending on your goals, from self-guided retreats to workshops and experiences.

3. West Lexham, Norfolk

West Lexham is an enchanting retreat set in the heart of Norfolk’s countryside. Here you’ll find a blend of education, wellness, and sustainable living.

West Lexham Orangery dining

At this eco-friendly retreat, there’s a real sense of community and a collective goal to improve mental wellbeing. 

You can choose from a variety of accommodation options, from intimate cabins and bell tents to quaint treehouses and larger options for groups.

West Lexham Treehouse

Activities at West Lexham are geared towards holistic wellbeing, whether it’s yoga and meditation or canoeing and wild swimming in the natural lake.

The estate’s gardens and renewable energy projects also offer guests a chance to learn about sustainable living practices firsthand.

4. Swinton Estate, North Yorkshire

For a luxurious country house escape, I know you’re going to love Swinton Estate.

Set within a staggering 20,000 acres of rolling parkland and ancient woodland in North Yorkshire, this is a grand setting for a digital detox.

While you can stay in the hotel here, the estate also offers a number of wellness breaks and retreats. Opt for a pampering Bamford Spa break or really immerse yourself with a Wim Hof Retreat. 

But to really unplug, I’d recommend the two-night Digital Detox Retreat, where you’ll stay in one of the off-grid Tree Lodges at Swinton Bivouac on the estate.

The aim is to reconnect you with nature and help you de-stress and reset, with activities like sound bathing, forest bathing and reiki drumming. 

You still have access to all the amazing spa facilities at the Swinton Country Club, so you can get the best of both worlds here. 

5. Tresco Island, Isles of Scilly

If you’re after a digital detox retreat in the UK, I can’t think of a better way to disconnect than heading to a private island off the coast of Cornwall. 

Tresco Aerial

Part of the Isles of Scilly, Tresco Island is famed for its pristine beaches, botanical gardens and untouched nature. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve arrived in the Seychelles!

Visitors can stay in luxurious cottages or beachfront apartments, each providing breathtaking views and an utterly tranquil environment.

Activities on Tresco are designed to immerse guests in the island’s abundant natural beauty.

Tresco Cows

From leisurely walks in the Tresco Abbey Garden, home to a spectacular collection of subtropical plants, to exploring the island by bike or taking to the waters in kayaks, there’s plenty to do that encourages a break from digital devices.

As a family-owned island, you benefit from a friendly and intimate environment that’s a true paradise. 

6. Adventure Yogi UK, Various Locations

For all the budding yogis reading this, I’ve found the perfect digital detox retreat for you!

Adventure Yogi specialises in combining yoga with adventure in some of the UK’s most beautiful settings, providing a dynamic approach to digital detox.

With retreats located in places like the Lake District, Cornwall, and Norfolk, each location offers a breathtaking backdrop for a transformative experience.

I love that these retreats are designed to balance physical activity with ultimate relaxation and wellness.

Guests can enjoy daily yoga sessions tailored to all levels, so if you’re new to yoga then you’ll be very welcome too.

You can also take part in guided meditation, plus you’ll indulge in nutritious vegetarian meals.

The adventure part varies by location, but think along the lines of hiking, surfing, or paddleboarding.

Adventure Yogi also offers retreats abroad in places like Bali, Greece and Madeira, if you fancy escaping the UK altogether (as I’m writing this it’s pouring with rain outside, so I don’t blame you!).

7. Broughton Sanctuary, Yorkshire

Another digital detox retreat in Yorkshire, Broughton Sanctuary is home to the UK’s leading Wellbeing Centre – so I know you’ll be in good hands here!

You’ll find a deeply immersive retreat experience set on a beautiful estate in the Yorkshire countryside. 

Choose from a variety of luxury accommodation, from elegantly restored farmhouses to cosy cabins. Or if you’re planning a big corporate retreat, you can take over the historic house. 

At Broughton, guests are encouraged to engage in a range of activities.

From active adventures like guided nature walks and horseback riding, to bespoke wellness treatments that include holistic therapies and massages.

The emphasis is on personal reflection and relaxation in a setting that feels both grand and intimate.

8. Curious House, East Sussex

For a creative retreat, I’d highly recommend the charming Curious House in East Sussex. 

The aim is here to detox from digital life in a more artistic and creative environment, where curiosity is encouraged. 

Curious House Melissa Teaching

Set in a beautifully renovated country house, this retreat offers themed weekends that blend arts, crafts and wellness practices. 

Each retreat is designed to inspire creativity and foster a sense of community among guests.

Activities might include pottery workshops, painting classes, and guided meditations, all conducted in an inspiring and supportive atmosphere.

The Bell Accommodation

In terms of the accommodation, you’ll stay at the award-winning boutique hotel, The Bell. There are 11 beautifully designed rooms plus some truly delicious food in the inviting pub.

9. The Sharpham Trust, Devon

I adore the county of Devon with its pretty towns and scenic countryside. Plus it’s where you’ll find The Sharpham Trust, where the aim is to connect people with nature. 

An internationally recognised centre for mindfulness and nature connection, these guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to digital detox retreats.

The Barn Retreat

Set on a 550-acre estate in South Devon, accommodation ranges from grand rooms in the historic Sharpham House to secluded woodland retreats.

There are a huge variety of retreats and programmes to choose from, including silence retreats, nature-connection, and mindfulness.

Sharpham Trust Woodland Retreat

Some retreats are tailored to specific groups of people, such as beginners, young people, and even certain professions like doctors.

The approach at The Sharpham Trust is about cultivating mindfulness, offering guests a pathway to reconnect with themselves and the natural world around them.

10. The Mindfulness Project, London

If you’re a London dweller and not able to take a few days to escape to the countryside then I’ve included this option for you.

For those in the urban jungle of London seeking a digital detox, The Mindfulness Project provides an accessible oasis. All you need is a free afternoon.

Located in the heart of the city, this retreat offers a variety of mindfulness-based programs designed to help individuals manage the demands of modern life without leaving the city.

The workshops and courses range from introductory sessions on mindfulness to more in-depth programmes that delve into specific areas like stress, sleep, or relationships.

The space itself is calming and thoughtfully designed to be a tranquil enclave within the bustling city.

The Mindfulness Project is ideal for busy professionals who want to learn practical skills to reduce digital overload and improve mental wellbeing. 

Have you been on any of these digital detox retreats in the UK? Let me know in the comments!

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