Visiting the tea plantations of the Cameron Highlands

Visit Cameron Highlands

After a week of beach lounging and ultimate chill, it was time for a change of scenery. And temperature. What a sweet relief it was to arrive at a destination where it didn’t feel like you were drowning in your own sweat. Having put up with the unbearable humidity of Thailand and Langkawi, the cooler temperature of the Cameron Highlands was an absolute dream.

Rolling green as far as the eye can see, the Cameron Highlands are truly beautiful. The main attraction of the region is the extensive tea plantations – as well as deliciously fresh strawberries. Home to plantations, orchards, farmland and nurseries, there’s plenty to keep you occupied for a day or two.

Cameron Highlands

BOH Tea Estate

We paid a visit to BOH Sungei Palas Tea Estate and I could not have felt more at home. In a good way. With a glass-fronted cafe situated on an inviting terrace, you are spoilt for choice with flavours of tea. Honestly, it gives Fortnum & Mason a run for their money.

Cameron Highlands Boh Tea Plantation

I was delighted to indulge in an earl grey tea and piece of carrot cake; just like how I spend my average Sunday afternoon back home. Except here I had the fortune of the most spectacular panoramic view over the emerald tea plantations.

Visit Cameron Highlands

We enjoyed a tour of the plantation and museum, learning all there is to know about the history and process of tea-making. Lessons I really felt I should know given the amount of tea I consume on a daily basis.

Strawberries and butterflies

While in the Cameron Highlands, we inevitably had to visit a strawberry farm. Rows and rows of juicy red delicacies, just waiting to be picked and eaten with lashings of cream. We couldn’t possibly leave with out a punnet of fresh strawberries to be devoured on the way home.

Strawberry Farm

We also explored a butterfly farm during our stay. I’ve seen a fair few butterflies in my time but none the size of these giants. Almost like small birds, their large wing span made their decoration even more eye-catching. Beautiful patterns, intricate detail and a plethora of vibrant colours.

Giant Butterfly Malaysia

If you don’t like any kind of creature flapping around you then probably best avoided. But if you’d like to get up close to these stunning insects, plus a range of other cool species (guinea pigs included) then I’d highly recommend a visit to one of these farms.

Your stay

I’d suggest only spending a maximum of two nights in the Cameron Highlands. There’s enough to see to fill that time, but you wouldn’t want to spend any longer there or you’d get bored. In fact, one night would enable you to see the sights. You may want that extra night though, just to make the most of the glorious cool temperature before it’s back to humidity hell.


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