Top tips for tackling dry winter skin

Winter skin care tips

I don’t know about you, but in the winter my face resembles a dull, lacklustre, dry and insipid pancake. The rest of the skin on my body is drier than a Christmas turkey. I sorely miss that summery glow and soft, hydrated skin.

The combination of English weather and central heating wreak havoc on our skin in the winter. Flitting from cold, chilly winds outside to the warm, toasty comfort of central heating brings out the worst in my skin. But don’t give up yet. Your winter skin fairy (me) is about to provide you with some winter skin care tips and advice on how to take care of dry skin in winter.

1. Don’t go too bonkers with the central heating

We all know that central heating is one of the worst sinners in the winter skin care game.

I get it, you don’t want to be cold. Being cold sucks. But cranking up the central heating will not only cost you a small fortune, it’ll also dry out your skin.

My suggestion? Use the heating to make your home comfortably warm but don’t overdo it. Instead, wear a couple more layers and snuggle up in a warm blanket or duvet. Save the pennies and your skin at the same time. Genius.

2. Drink all the water

Dryness is one of the biggest battles to fight in the winter skin care war. Sure, you can do what you can with a pricey moisturiser, but you’ll only win half the battle if you don’t fight it from the inside too.

Be sure to keep hydrated by bringing drinking lots of water. Just because you’re not sweating buckets like you did in the summer heatwave does not mean you can simply stop drinking water. Your skin is like a plant. Girl gotta drink or she die. 

As well as keeping your skin (and you) hydrated, drinking lots of water will also help flush out all of those toxins. Particularly helpful when we’ve all overdone the Christmas alcohol consumption a bit. Less toxins means less acne.

3. Use natural cleansers which are gentle on your skin

Using the right products can really help take care of your skin. Personally, I have super sensitive skin. I have a constant battle with rosacea, a common condition for the English roses amongst us (translation: pale). I have also previously suffered from dermatitis, so I have to be very careful with what I use on my face.

My favourite skincare brand is La Roche Posay. I don’t get an ounce of irritation with their products and they feel amazing too. There are loads of other great skincare brands out there and I’d welcome you to share any recommendations in the comments. Either way, stick to natural cleansers that won’t be stripping your skin of its natural oils with harsh ingredients.

Whatever you do and however drunk you are – do NOT use skin wipes. They are mini flannels of skin death. I know some lucky ladies can get away with using them, but for the majority of us they bring redness and dryness in abundance. And in the winter, you do not want to be adding to the dry conundrum.

4. Exfoliate and moisturise

You’re probably doing this already but just bear in mind a few pointers. Firstly, don’t overdo the exfoliating and make sure you’re using a product that’s gentle on skin, especially on your face. Exfoliating your face two to three times a week should suffice – do it everyday and you could be doing more damage than good. 

Moisturiser is the saving grace of dry winter skin. However, you need to make sure you’re using the right moisturiser for your skin. Best to seek some advice from the professionals, explaining the type of skin you have and the nature of the dry symptoms you’re experiencing. It’s all good to apply moisturiser right after you’ve washed your face, as applying it to slightly damp skin can help seal in the moisture.

5. Don’t spend too long in the shower

Just bear with me on this. Turns out that really hot showers dry out your skin because they strip it of the natural oils. The problem is, we all love a hot shower, especially in the winter.

So my advice is to strike a balance. Go for a very warm shower, not a skin scalding shower, and keep the length as short as you can. Don’t do what I do and just stand there staring into the abyss after all necessary cleaning is done, just because you can’t face leaving the warmth of the steamy shower. Pull yourself together and leave.

6. Suncream

Say what? It be winter and it be cold. I know it’s hard to comprehend when those of us in England seem to be living under a permanent blanket of grey cloudy misery. But, the sun can still do damage in the winter. Delay those early onset wrinkles and don the SPF.

Our skin is never going to be perfect in the winter. But with a little extra care and the above tips, you’ll have baby-soft skin in no time.


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