The interiors pieces I’m loving right now

The interiors pieces I’m loving right now

I’m all about excuses to buy stuff. I spend my life devising fanciful excuses to justify my various whims. So here’s my latest one: with summer tantalisingly close, it is the perfect time for an interiors refresh. That’s a pretty good excuse I think.

Here are the interiors pieces I’m loving right now. Some of which I’ve already purchased (oops), the rest are on my list to conquer. I’ll get there eventually but, just like any other functioning human, I need to save up a bit of money before I bankrupt myself.


Swoon bedside tables

Okay so I’m going straight in with a negative – controversial I know. I ordered these Randall Bedside Cabinets in January and they only arrived two weeks ago. Swoon products have a long lead time. A frustratingly long one. But, were they worth the wait? Absolutely! I frickin’ love these bedside tables.

Swoon Randall bedside cabinets

Swoon bedside tables

The colours are perfect for the neutral colour palette I’ve got going on in my bedroom. I also love the wood used with its gorgeous tone and shabby chic effect but without actually being shabby chic. Plus, minimal DIY required – just attach the legs and you’re good to go. 


H&M table cloth

I have a glass table in my flat, which I chose because I’m seriously lacking space and wanted to create the illusion of more. Although I love it, I do get a bit tired of wiping off all the fingerprints and smudges. So I thought I’d treat myself to a tablecloth (crazy, I know). It’s pretty and pink – what else do you expect from me – and it was under 20 quid. Thank you H&M for making pretty interiors stuff totally affordable.

H&M tablecloth

Tablecloth with tassels

You know what this will also be useful for? Flatlays, oh yeah. Watch out Insta, you’re about to be hit with a lot of pink backdrops.


Stunning prints

I have previously raved a lot about Desenio, who provide a whole range of beautiful prints. In fact, I bought a tonne for my flat a little while back. And no, I still haven’t got round to hanging them up so they are still precariously placed atop my radiator. Congrats to anyone who successfully gets shit like this done but I’m just not that person.

Scandi prints

Home interior inspo with Hygee North

Anyway, Desenio aside (love you guys), I thought it was time to spread the love. I recently discovered Hygge North and they also have a fabulous range of prints. I haven’t personally ordered them myself, but if they look as good as they do online then I think we’re onto a winner.


Cashmere throw

So I’m very much going against the spring / summer trend with this one. But I honestly cannot be without something soft or furry in my flat (and I can’t commit to a dog right now). I love the throws from White Company – they are expensive but they are so worth it for the quality.

White Company cashmere throw

White Company bedroom accessories

I’ve got a gorgeous grey fur throw from White Company, which you’ve probably seen pop up on my Insta feed. However, as it’s full on furry and incredibly toasty, it’s not currently on sale. So if you’re after something slightly lighter then I love this luxury wool-cashmere throw. Perfect for making your bed prettier and for cosying up with on the sofa in the evening.


Swoon side table

Again, this bad boy took nearly three months to make its way into my flat (Swoon I love you but please sort this out!). Now it’s here though, it’s just perfect. I’m a blogger so anything with a marble effect makes me happy.

Swoon side table

Tulips and marble side table

Although I’d love to get me a gorgeous coffee table, I simply don’t have the space for it. So this is a perfect compromise – somewhere to pop my cuppa / glass of wine (depending on the time of day) whilst looking snazzy at the same time.


Mini cactus

These cute little cactus plants have been popular for a while now. Somehow – and I really, really don’t know how, I managed to kill all three of my last ones. I’ve not yet figured out why all the plants in my flat die (any ideas, help a girl out – and yes, I do water them when needed) but I’ll keep buying them until I do.

Mini Cactus Plants

Mini Cactus from Notonthehighstreet

I love these cute cactus plants and the pots are just perfect. Think I’m going to wait for some feedback on the dead plants issue before I go ahead with buying these but I cannot way to add a little green life into my flat.


If you’ve made any new brand discoveries or have some interior inspiration of your own then please share in the comments or hit me up on social – I always love hearing from you!


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