Staying in Krabi and Phi Phi island hopping

Staying in Krabi, Thailand

After leaving the serenity of Khao Sok National Park, it was back to the touristy climes with a stay in Krabi. We stayed in the Ao Nang Cliff Beach Resort Hotel, which had three stunning infinity pools overlooking Krabi and the beautiful beaches. It was one of my favourite hotels of the trip, in the perfect location with spacious rooms and lovely facilities.

Ao Nang Beach Cliff Resort, Thailand

Beautiful beaches of Krabi

Krabi is the place to go if you want ultimate chill with expansive beaches and that laid back vibe which Thailand is so known for. Wile away the days sprawled out on the sandy beach, sea lapping at your feet and a view framed by limestone cliffs and traditional long boats.

Krabi Beaches

Lost in Paradise Hat

Long boats in Krabi, Thailand

Krabi has been adapted for tourists so you’ll find lots of western influences. A 24 hour Maccy D’s right on the doorstep of our hotel (helLO drunk food) and plenty of restaurants serving sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. It’s not exactly a cultural hotspot but it is fun, laid back and lively. 

Krabi nightlife

With the increasing numbers of young tourists flocking to Krabi, it has developed into a bit of a party place. There are plenty of bars to choose from, the drinks are cheap and the alcohol content is strong. Definitely worth bearing in mind that one drink in Thailand is the equivalent to three back home.

When you’re too lazy to walk the ten minutes home, hop in Thailand’s equivalent of Uber: a tuk tuk! Just make sure you negotiate a price before you get in. They will take advantage of drunk tourists so don’t get ripped off. Top tip: pretend you live there and they’ll be far more reasonable!

Phi Phi island hopping

When in Krabi, you’d be mad not to take advantage of the nearby Phi Phi Islands with a spot of island hopping. There are loads of tours available and, yes, they are super touristy but they’re also SO much fun. Spend the day whizzing around on a speed boat, sipping on G&Ts and visiting the various islands, coves and snorkelling spots.

Phi Phi Islands Hopping

Bamboo Island Thailand

One of the popular stops on the tour is Maya Bay. But, as you may have heard in the news recently, it has just been closed. Years of trampling tourists have taken their toll. Although it is a beautiful spot, made famous by the film The Beach with our favourite Leo, the amount of tourists was astounding. You could hardly see the view with all the bobbing heads abound. It took a lot of patience and anger restraint to get a photo without tourists in it. Trust me.

Maya Bay

The islands are absolutely stunning and the scenery is truly jaw dropping. It’s a real treat to snorkel through crystal clear water in search of sea creatures. Unfortunately for me it was a few fish. But if you’re lucky you could find yourself nose to nose with a turtle or shark (not the type that eat you – that would not be lucky).

Ladyboy show

This isn’t specific to Krabi but when in Thailand you simply have to see a ladyboy show. It’s essentially cabaret but with ladyboys and it’s an eye opener in so many ways! I don’t really want to say too much about this because you just need to go for the experience. And I’m struggling to put that experience into words. If you’re not an open minded person then you will hate it. And if that’s you then I strongly recommend that you start to open your mind because you’re missing out.

Maya Bay Jumping

In short, if you’re looking for beautiful beaches, daytime drinking and ladyboy laughs then staying in Krabi is a must. Just don’t expect a cultural fix.


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