Spring & Summer Topshop Haul

Pink summery blouse

Guys, I did a thing. It’s something we’ve all done and I don’t regret it (but my bank balance does). What did I do? I went to Topshop and, well, things got out of hand.

Sometimes I go into a clothes shop, grab a few things off the shelves, try them on and reject every item. I sheepishly hand back all the clothes to the lady in the changing room, while apologising (why do I do that?) and storm out the shop in a huff.

But sometimes the opposite happens and everything just works. You stand there with a mixture of glee and concern. Excited for all these gorgeous new clothes but trying to work out how on earth you could possibly afford all of them. So you make up an excuse in your head (I had a hard week at work, it’s my birthday in two months, I ate a salad for lunch – you know the drill) and suddenly you’ve convinced yourself that you deserve this ridiculous amount of new clothes. Even though your wardrobe is bursting and you couldn’t possibly fit another piece of clothing in.

Just me?

Anyway, waffle aside, let’s get to the point of this post. Here are my fave pieces from Topshop at the moment. This post actually doesn’t include all the items of clothing I bought, I genuinely ran out of time shooting them all.

There’s a decidedly summery theme to this because this hot weather has seriously got me in the mood for summer.

Here goes…

Pink shirt & striped skirt

Pink summery blouse

Pink Casual Shirt

TALL MOTO Striped Denim Skirt
(don’t be put off by the ‘TALL’ – I am most definitely not tall; not even a little bit)

Amour Ditsy Necklace


Polka dot heels

Polka dot heels

Sally Polkadot Sandals


Bardot top and bubblegum skirt

Summer fashion Topshop

Ribbed Bardot Tie Sleeve Top by Love

Bubblegum Pink Denim High Waisted Skirt


Nude platform sandals

Topshop platform heels

Marietta Slim Platform Sandals

And no, I don’t iron my bed sheet…


Cute mini slip dress

Cute slip dress Topshop

Ditsy Button Through Mini Slip Dress


Hopefully plenty of inspiration for your next Spring  / Summer haul. Thank you Topshop for both simultaneously revamping my summer wardrobe and making my hard earned cash vanish. It’s all worth it though I think.

P.S. Please ignore the questionable fake tan lines. We’ve had about six months of winter weather, really what do you expect me to do.


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