The Ski Edit: 9 must-haves for styling out the slopes

Stylish ski gear

Guys, I know what you’re thinking. Jessie. The ski season is already two thirds gone, why now? The honest answer has something to do with not getting my sh*t together in time and being a terrible blogger. The dishonest (but still a little bit true) answer says that now is the perfect time to sort your ski style because this is the time for discounts. Ski gear is expensive, so frankly I’ll take whatever discounts I can get.

Let’s not beat around the bush: looking good while skiing (or snowboarding, if you’re into that) is difficult. First, there’s the super padded clothing to stop you freezing to death, designed to make even the skinniest minis look overweight and shapeless. Then there’s the helmet to give you an alien head and helmet hair. Let’s not forget the pink nose, sunburnt cheeks and dry, windswept skin.

Thankfully, ski style is getting increasingly fashionable. There are some great options out there for stylish ski gear and here I share the best of the best.


Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

Sorel Snow Boots

Any trip requires a beautiful pair of snow boots. Sorel are the go-to footwear retailer for highly practical boots which are perfect for battling through snow, whilst also managing to look stylish.


Degre 7 Geod Ski Jacket

Degre 7 Ski Jacket Stylish

A couple of years ago, I bought this jacket but in a bright turquoise colour. It is expensive but it has been worth every penny. Super warm, pockets in all the right places and I love the tailored fit that manages to retain at least a little feminine shape. Always opt for the brightest colours – you’ll be found easier in an avalanche (not true but a good excuse).


Topshop Sno Ski Trousers

Topshop Sno Ski Trousers

Stylish Salopettes from Topshop

Salopettes can be baggy and unflattering but these Topshop favourites are beautifully fitted. I’m also a fan of the braces – there’s nothing worse than negotiating a black run when your salopettes are falling down.


Sweaty Betty Base Layer

Sweaty Betty thermals

Sweaty Betty top base layer

Thermals are traditionally unattractive and uncool. Sweaty Betty have successfully managed to combat this issue with super stylish base layers. You’ll not even want to wear your new ski jacket when you look this good in thermals.


Giro Women’s Helmet

Giro Women's Helmet

Safety first people! If you’ve ever been tempted to sacrifice a helmet in order to look super cute in your furry headband and googles – don’t. My best friend would probably be dead if she wasn’t wearing a helmet when she wiped out. There are so many lightweight options available now, there’s no excuse. I’d always recommend buying a helmet over hiring one. Avoid someone else’s sweaty head juice (vom) at all costs.


Sweaty Betty Ski Socks

Sweaty Betty ski socks

Another unsexy but totally necessary aspect of skiing. Always opt for the warmest socks you can find and if they have a pretty pattern then bonus.


Bart Women’s Ski Mitts

Barts Ski Mittens

My personal preference is mittens over gloves. I find that my hands stay warmer when my fingers are together, not separated. Again, mittens totally not sexy but add a good dose of fur around your wrists and suddenly your mittens have gone from practicalities to uber cute style statements.


Neckwarmer Thermal Buff

Neckwarmer Thermal Buff

Nothing worse than a cold wind battering your face and neck. Invest in a cosy buff that will keep you warm and toasty.


Amelia Jane beanie hat

Amelia Jane Beanie Hat

For when you’ve left the slopes and are getting royally p*ssed up in an outdoor aprés bar. Keep that head warm and look trendy at the same time.


So there you have it, my ultimate stylish ski gear roundup. Stay warm and stay cool.


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