10 stunning Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

It’s no secret that those stylish Scandinavians have dominated the interior design trends for many years now. In fact, it can hardly be called a trend anymore. Rather, it is a staple look that is both timeless and universally adored. Characterised by clean minimalism, bright open spaces and convenient functionality, it can work in any type of space. What’s not to love!

I’m constantly on the hunt for interiors inspiration. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have vast open spaces to play with; more like a box suitable for one tiny person (but then I am small so it all works out quite well). If anything, it’s all the more reason to embrace a Scandinavian style, so I can create the illusion of space. I’ve spent a lot of time researching the vast amount of Scandinavian bedroom inspiration. So in this post, I compile some of my favourite Scandinavian bedroom design ideas.

1. Neutral colours

Scandinavian design is characterised by its beautiful neutral colours. It’s sophisticated and it’s calming. This makes neutrals the ideal colour palette for the bedroom, where the ultimate aim is relaxation.

The light, bright colours give the illusion of space, making it perfect for smaller bedrooms. Plus, you’re unlikely to get bored of neutrals. They are truly timeless and liked universally.

2. Pops of colour

Scandinavian interiors are often characterised by their unrelenting commitment to white, grey and brown tones. Although these can have a gloriously clean effect, it can be nice to bring a bit of colour into your life.

By making all the furniture neutral but adding the colour with accessories, it leaves scope to reinvent the overall look further down line without having to buy new furniture. Just buy some new cushions and blankets, et voila!

3. Exposed brick

Unfortunately I can’t just magic up some exposed brickwork in my flat but a girl can dream! If you can’t manage the real deal, then seek out some brick wallpaper.

The white-washed effect of the bricks in this Scandinavian bedroom goes perfectly with the different textures and neutrals. I also love that it brings a kind of ‘outdoorsy’ feel to the room.

4. Open shelving

If you have beautiful accessories and ornaments then why hide them away in a cupboard? Due to the minimalism and neutrality that is part and parcel of Scandinavian design, it is important to inject some personality.

Open shelving is a great way of doing this, as it showcases your own personal story. Just so long as you’re not the kind of person who hoards to the point of junk shop capacity – then maybe just stick to the closed cupboards!

5. Beautiful prints

To add personality and points of interest, adorn the walls with some beautiful prints. You could bring some colour, or keep them neutral to really embrace the Scandinavian interiors style.

I love these black and white prints. They may not add any colour, but they certainly bring interest to the space above the bed. The black and white also looks beautifully elegant and sophisticated.

6. Minimalism

Scandinavian design aims to keep things simple. Traditionally, many Scandinavian homes were quite small and so there wasn’t room for ‘stuff’. A minimalistic look is therefore a key part of Scandinavian design.

From neutral colours to clean lines and minimal belongings. Paring the design back to basics, this clean look is perfect for the bedroom. A clutter-free space is a far more relaxing one.

7. Textures

A really common trend of Scandinavian bedroom design is to have lots of textures. From furry rugs to knitted throws, these different textures bring depth to a room.

They also add to the overall sense of cosiness. Having a bedroom filled with materials which are soft to the touch makes it a relaxing space. Snuggle up to the various soft furnishings and drift off into a dreamy night’s sleep.

8. Fairy lights

Turn off the ceiling lights and switch on the fairy lights! They are the perfect way to make a bedroom feel warmer and instantly cosy. Fairy lights can complement a neutral colour palette beautifully, by bringing a little sparkle.

Especially in the winter, these gorgeous little lights make for the most inviting space. A truly magical Scandinavian interiors idea for the bedroom.

9. Dark walls

Dark walls may not be the first design element you think of when you think Scandinavian design. But dark grey, dark blue, or even black walls can contrast beautifully with the whites and other neutrals.

This contrast can create the illusion of space when combined with the white bedding, white ceiling, and a large bedroom mirror. The dark colour also makes the bedroom feel cosier.

10. Wood

Scandinavian interiors often feature a lot of wood. Whether it’s wooden floors, wood panelled walls, or beautiful wooden furniture. The woods used in Scandinavian design tend to be light woods, such as ash, beech, or pine.

Wood gives your interiors space a more earthy feel. It brings your home back to nature but in a way that is stylish and cosy. Stunning wooden flooring is a great way of bring this Scandinavian design trend into the bedroom.

Now to work out how I’m going to incorporate these elements into my tiny little room! I’ll be sure to share some interiors pictures of the end result but in the meantime, I hope you are feeling suitably inspired.



  1. 14th November 2020 / 9:57 pm

    Love these looks!

  2. 31st December 2020 / 10:48 am

    Wow! These many ideas for bedroom design! My personal favorite is the minimalism concept! Thanks for writing and sharing this post with us.

  3. 21st April 2021 / 10:10 am

    Informative and insightful post on Scandinavian bedroom design. Thanks for writing and sharing this post with us.

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