Rooftop yoga and wellness brunch

Wellness brunch

Guys and gals, I’m gonna be honest. Yoga is not my thing. I’ve tried real hard (okay, not that hard) to get into it because I know it’s something I need in my life. I’m very aware of all the benefits and I’m still determined to make it a hobby. If only so that I can master a new party trick in the form of a one armed handstand whilst doing the splits. I know I know, I’m missing the point of yoga here.

Rooftop Yoga

So when I was asked along to a rooftop yoga event by Obrigado and BALANCE magazine, I knew I had to give it a go. If anything was going to get me into yoga, it would be wellness warrior Lotte Bowser and a sunny rooftop spot with a stunning view over London.

Rooftop Yoga TOG

The weather did not disappoint. I was pretty keen for a last ditch attempt at getting a sunshine glow before Autumn really hits. Wishful thinking – takes me a whole week in the sun before the slightest hint of colour.

The yoga session was perfectly designed for a mix of abilities, from the amateur (me, the wobbly one at the back) to the pro (helLO handstand galore).

Wellness Brunch

The yoga session was followed by a the most incredible brunch by Rock My Bowl. It was a super vegan spread – think fresh fruit, green smoothes, acai bowls and avo on toast. Essentially a blogger’s dream Insta set up.

Obrigado Brunch

Rock My Bowl brunch

Avo on toast

Acai bowl

Wellness brunch

I’ll always be a greasy fry up girl at heart. But this was just the detox I needed after a heavy night out before (hungover yoga not the one). The food was beautiful and utterly delicious.

Rooftop Yoga with Obrigado and BALANCE

I think I could get used to yoga…

…as long as it’s followed by a four course brunch…

…and on a rooftop.

I don’t ask for much.


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