New Directions

New Directions

This post is more of a quick update on how I plan to expand my blog going forwards. So far it has functioned as a travel blog, documenting my adventures in Tanzania. While I’d love to continue in this vein, due to having worked solidly for a little while, my travel tales are beginning to dwindle.

I’d love to continue blogging so I’ve decided to expand this little hub into a lifestyle blog, where I’ll share snippets of my experiences and favourite things.

I’ll continue to write about my travel adventures in Africa while I still have some stories left but I’ll also write about trips and days out. I love nothing more than to wine and dine so I’ll also post a myriad of restaurant reviews. Finally, I’ll share my favourite recipes, from originals to those of my favourite cooks and celebrity chefs, with handy pictures and tips to spice them up.

I’m super excited about the direction that I plan to push my blog in and I look forward to sharing it with you lovely people.

Stay tuned!

Jessie x


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