Immersive Yoga with an Austrian Kick

Brunch with BALANCE

Back in September last year, I was lucky enough to attend a glorious rooftop yoga section with BALANCE magazine. I previously wrote about how I’m not that into yoga… but it’s one of those things I really want to be into. I know I need it in my life. I’m a constant uptight ball of stress (aren’t we all) and I’m need of some stretchin’ and zennin’.

Can you tell I don’t know what I’m talking about?

The folks over at BALANCE very kindly invited me back for take two. This time the yoga was not on a rooftop – which was fortunate for us given that it’s currently snowing as I write this.

A sensory experience

There may not have been a rooftop but there was live music and some seriously enticing video projections of Austrian mountains. The idea was to create an immersive experience, transporting us away from the polluted grey doom of London (I love it really) and to the fresh air and stunning vistas of the mountains in Austria. Yes. Please.

Yoga at Fora with BALANCE

The session started with a dab of cedar wood scent on our wrists. It meant that every time we wafted an arm around, we were greeted with the smell of pine forests.

Yoga with Sweat & Sound

Throughout the yoga, videos of sparkling lakes and inviting mountains were played on projections in front of us, lending a nice bit of encouragement for our imaginations. My favourite part was the live neo-classical music provided by Sweat & Sound. Totally mesmerising.

Vegan Brunch

Yoga done. Zen induced. Body relaxed. It was time to eat! A healthy spread of fresh fruit, delicious porridge and avo on toast awaited. A perfect opportunity to reenergise and catch up with everyone.

All with the backdrop of an impressive view over London. I’d have preferred to be looking out over some Austrian mountains but you know, can’t have everything.

I left feeling calm, healthy and invigorated.

Maybe I could get used to yoga after all…


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