How to create a beautiful theme for your Instagram feed

How to create a theme for your Instagram feed

There are a number of reasons to create a theme for your Instagram feed. Perhaps you are simply a creative person who has an eye for design. Perhaps you run a business and want to ensure that your brand’s Instagram feed is professional and enticing. Or maybe you’re a blogger or influencer who is looking to create a clear personal style and grow an engaged following.

Whatever your reasons, having a beautiful Instagram feed carries a number of benefits. The easiest way to create a professional-looking feed is to create a theme. Whether your Instagram is a reflection of you, your blog, your business, or all three – a theme will help you create a distinct personal brand.

There is no formula to creating the perfect Instagram feed – in fact, there isn’t such a thing as a ‘perfect’ feed. But it should look appealing and reflect you. It’s personal. In this post, I share the key steps to creating a beautiful theme for your Instagram feed.


Your choice of colours has by far the most dramatic effect on the overall look of your feed. Therefore you need to decide on your approach. Are you going for minimalist, faded colours, or bright and bold? Would you prefer a stark black and white style of feed or a vibrant range of colours?

Once you have decided on the style, I’d recommend focusing on one or two colours to emphasise in your feed. You can either do this through your editing, or by curating your content in line with the colours.

The colours in my feed tend to change depending on seasonality.  Winter tends to consist of blues, summer usually features more greens, while autumn generally revolves around oranges. I try to feature pinks throughout the year in order to maintain consistency.

How to create an Instagram feed theme


Editing is by far the most important step in creating a theme for your Instagram feed. There are a number of fantastic editing apps you can use. My personal preference is Adobe Lightroom – I primarily use the free mobile app. I also use Snapseed for some additional tweaks to my photos.

It can take a long time and a lot of experimenting to develop your own unique editing style. For me, I think it took about three years! And, even now, I am still continuing to evolve my editing. Take the time to understand what works well for your content.

I have found it useful to develop a style that can be adapted to different types of content. A lot of my content revolves around travel and this can mean various skies, oceans and landscapes. These often have similar colours but completely different tones – a nightmare for consistency! This is where presets have worked well for me…

Using presets

Using presets means you can apply a load of edits to a photo in the click of a button. You can create your own presets, or you can buy them from other content creators. If you do buy presets then I’d recommend still adding your own flourish to the edits, in order to make your content feel more unique. 

Below I’ve listed a handful of highly recommended presets. These of course involve a cost, so you need to make sure you do the research in order to get the right ones for your content type:

Aggie – Travel In Her Shoes

In The Frow

Do You Travel

Megs Legs


Backpack With Me

The Blonde Abroad

Presets are a fantastic way to save time and create a consistent theme. Using the same set of presets (you’ll need more than one) will keep the tones and colours of your photos beautifully consistent. Creating a seamless look for your Instagram feed.


One of the hardest parts of curating a beautiful Instagram feed is trying to figure out what order to post pictures in. Certain images work well next to or above and below each other but others may not. It’s therefore necessary to have a play around with the layout before publishing.

There are various apps for this, such as UNUM, but personally I find it just as easy to create an album in my camera roll and add all of your potential Instagram photos. Once you’ve got your album you can drag and drop the photos. Play around with the layout until your Instagram heart is content. I spend way too much time agonising over this, it’s definitely unhealthy!


It was an absolute dream when Instagram introduced the ‘Archive’ function. Now you can remove photos from your feed without having to permanently delete them. So if you change your mind, you can reinstate the photo. This is ideal if you feel there is a particular photo throwing off the feel of your feed. Try removing it and see if you prefer the overall look. If not, put it back.

It’s also good for going through old photos from way back when. Remove any embarrassing snaps or photos that don’t quite fit with your current theme. Although there’s nothing wrong with seeing a theme evolve over time.

Be yourself

Cheesy but true. I love a pretty Instagram feed as much as the next person but I do like to see personality. If you like the look of minimalist feeds but it just doesn’t fit with your personal style then don’t do it. You’ll find it too hard to conform to your theme.

I went through a phase of lowering the saturation of my photos for a more editorial, stylish feel. But in time I decided that I like bright colours too much to keep this up. So now I keep my photos bright and colourful. As a result, I’m so much happier with my feed because I feel it represents me and the content I create more effectively. Let your personality shine through and people are more likely to engage and click-through to your blog.

Pocket Wanderings Instagram

I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with my Instagram feed but I’ve come to realise that it doesn’t matter as much as people think. Create the content you love to create, choose a theme that suits your own personal style and never forget to enjoy the creative process. If you stick to these points then you’ll have a stunning Instagram theme and feed, whatever your style.

I’d love to hear your own tips and advice in the comments!



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    This is the first time I saw your blog. And your becomes the first I am gonna follow. Love your theme!

  2. Ayna Dua
    2nd November 2020 / 6:38 am

    I love your content. Just subscribed your channel. I am creating my new Instagram theme. Started channel a few months ago. Hope your channel will have some inspiration. Subscribed to newsletter and channel!

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