Quarantine made me do it: interiors update

Quarantine made me do it: interiors update

Having been forced to spend every hour of the day in my flat (cheers COVID), I figured it was about time I carried out an interiors overhaul. I moved in about three years ago and once I got the interiors to a reasonable state, I just stopped. Now I’ve got nothing better to do than stare at the four walls of my home, I decided to make a few changes.

It started with rearranging the furniture. Have you ever seen a tiny 5ft3 person heave a piano around her flat? If you ever find yourself in a similar position, placing tea towels under the legs of any heavy pieces of furniture and shoving them along the floor is your best bet.

My flat is pretty tiny so I’ve always had to think quite carefully about furniture placement and little tricks to maximise the available space. I realised I’ve never actually done an interiors blog post on my flat, so here I’m going to share my favourite parts of my little space.

I’ve linked items for you to shop – where the item is no longer available to buy online, I’ve tried to link similar products.

The Bedroom

One thing I really struggle with is storage space. I may be a small person but I like stuff. With one tiny wardrobe and not much else in the way of storage, I had to plan carefully. I picked a bed where I could store boxes and baskets underneath.


I also chose a big chest of drawers to match. This essentially serves as an overflow of my wardrobe. Although I still struggle. You can often see sleeves of tops, bra straps and other random pieces of clothing poking out the drawer, as if they’re trying to break free.


As one of my quarantine missions, I went in search of an additional storage solution. I found it in the form of these trunks.


The colours are perfect for my bedroom and they are super spacious. There is a third trunk which is supposed to sit on top. Unfortunately the colour clashed with the grey of my chest of drawers and the blue of my wardrobe doors. So instead it’s awkwardly placed in a random floor spot in my living room, until I find a better home for it.

The Living Room (and Kitchen)

My living room and kitchen are the same room, which once again makes organising the space a little tricky. Add to that a piano I never play and it can easily get cluttered.


I recently updated the prints – all from Desenio – and bought a collection of plants and succulents. I don’t have a garden or a balcony so this is essentially an attempt to bring the outdoors into my flat. I’ve also refined my workspace so it’s a lot more inviting.

An extra screen is absolutely essential if you spend a lot of time working from home. Mini succulents are also compulsory.


Have you spent lockdown rearranging and refreshing your living area? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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