Christmas Gift Guide for the Interiors Lover

The White Company winter candle

It’s that time of the year again: Christmas gift guide time. That time when bloggers old and new, young and old, spend hours of their lives compiling fancy pants gift guides to give a helping hand to our fellow present buyers. Here’s my input, aimed specifically at those looking for home Christmas gift ideas.

Got a friend who has recently moved into a new place? A sister who is an interior design fanatic? Or are you secretly looking for some interiors ideas for your own place? Christmas gifts for the home are the best kind of presents. Much easier to get right. No sizing dilemmas – e.g. I think Susan is normally a size 10 but Christmas makes everyone fat so shall I hedge my bets with a 12?

It also doesn’t matter too much how well you know their personal style. Of course, it helps. But gifts like candles and diffusers are universally loved. Really it doesn’t matter if you live in a rustic old country house or a contemporary Scandinavian flat. A candle’s a candle.

So without further ado and waffling about how fat Susan is going to get this Christmas, here’s my pick of the best Christmas gifts for interiors lovers.


Lime & Bay Diffuser – The White Company

The White Company is one of my favourite brands. Walk into one of their shops and you find yourself transformed into a Nordic style icon, suddenly adorned with impeccable taste in home furnishings. You really can’t go wrong at The White Company. Everything is nice.

The White Company lime bay diffuser

One of my favourites is the Lime & Bay Diffuser – a tropical delight that offers a soft but vibrant fragrance. Utterly delicious (but don’t drink it).


Bronx Table Lamp –

Bring a little light into someone’s life this Christmas. Oosh, can you tell I used to do content writing for a living? Nope, me neither.

Bronx table lamp

This Bronx table lamp would be a gorgeous addition to a contemporary home, so reserve this beauty for your stylish friends. Mum probably won’t like it.


Wall Prints – Desenio

Prints and pictures make all the difference to an interior. They are the finishing touch, the bit that adds personality and there are so many options. Too many options. I wouldn’t like to admit how much time I’ve spent trawling through the prints on Desenio but I could probably have trained for and run a full marathon in the time taken. (But why would I want to do that?)

Desenio pink prints

A few carefully selected prints would make the perfect pressie for a loved one. It’s your chance to show how well you know them, so choose carefully! Or just treat yourself. It’s Christmas after all.


Winter Signature Candle – The White Company

Let’s be honest, The White Company was never going to make just the one appearance in this gift guide. Here’s another of my favourites: the Winter Signature Candle.

The White Company winter candle

Warming, cosy and Christmassy – it’s the kind of fragrance that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. 


Thomas Kent Arabic Wall Clock – John Lewis

People are always putting prints and photos on their walls, but a beautiful clock adds another point of interest. I have a slightly strange obsession with clocks in that I own quite a few. Yet ironically I am always late. Perhaps if I get a bigger, prettier one then I may pay more attention to it?

Thomas Kent blue clock

On that note, I love the Thomas Kent clocks and this blue is delightfully charming. A thoughtful gift for someone with a space to fill on their wall.


Grey Belle Throw – Loaf

This one is for those with a little more disposable income and a hefty dose of generosity. If you’re spending over £100 on a Christmas present for someone then you’re a much nicer person than me. And if you are going to spend that much, make sure it’s good – this Grey Belle throw would be a beautiful addition to anyone’s home.

Grey belle throw from Loaf

Soft grey goes with everything. If somebody got me this then I’d probably marry them. Unless it was someone from my family. Obviously.


Artificial Yucca Pot Plant – Maison Du Monde

Well that got weird very quickly, so moving on. I love me a house plant. But you wouldn’t know it, because I’m also a serial house plant killer. Even a cactus won’t survive my flat. Although you can’t beat the real deal, sometimes you’ve got to admit that an artificial plant is for the better.

Artificial yucca pot plant

Here’s an artificial yucca pot plant that could definitely pass as the real thing. This chap is super cute. Just don’t tell anyone he’s not real, they’ll never know.


Velvet Bedspread – H&M

This one is perfect for that friend who is a little bit extra. A velvet bedspread will help anyone make the transition from bedroom to boudoir.

Velvet bedspread H&M

Dark tones and sexy textures are a compulsory accompaniment. 


Bu Pink & Grey Ceramic Vase – Oliver Bonas

I love a vase. Got quite a few sitting in my cupboard. Rarely have any flowers to put in them, but the vases are there – waiting in anticipation for a mystery man to send me a bouquet of flowers (still waiting). Everybody owns a glass vase but not everybody owns an adorable pink and grey ceramic vase.


Oliver Bonas bu pink & grey ceramic vase

I definitely don’t need another vase but I like this one a lot and I think it would be a wonderful gift. It’s too pretty to sit in the cupboard. Even if I use it as a toothbrush holder it’ll be sitting proudly on display.

Note: If you’re a fella buying this for your missus, she will definitely expect flowers as an accompaniment.


Revival iStream 3 Smart Radio – Roberts

Another pricey one for the more generous (rich) humans amongst my readers. I’ve always loved the classic heritage Roberts radios (ahem, HINT, for my family / imaginary boyfriend). Super cute, utterly charming and bringing a touch of nostalgia to any home.

Roberts Smart Radio

Even better though, this Revival iStream radio is smart. For anybody over the age of 70, that means it does fancy techno things like having built-in bluetooth and easy pairing with Alexa. The best of the old and the best of the new in one place. Genius.


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