Easy cheesy baked mushrooms recipe

Cheesy baked mushrooms recipe

Now that we are well into the swing of October, it’s that time of year when I start sharing some Autumnal recipes. You know the ones. The naughty recipes. Recipes involving lots of melted cheese. Of warming calories. Salads are strictly for the summer. Because that’s one of the best parts of the Autumn / Winter season – it’s widely accepted that everyone will get a little bit chubs. We gotta keep warm afterall!

Having said that, excessive melted cheese aside, this recipe isn’t too unhealthy. It involves some greenery so I’m transitioning you slowly. It’s perfect for a quick lunch, a snack or a starter if you’re fancy enough to be hosting a dinner party.

My easy cheesy baked mushrooms recipe is painfully easy – I only need two steps for the method. It’s also super quick, so if you’re hungry then you won’t be kept waiting for long. Plus, you can adapt it depending on what you like. Prefer blue cheese over cheddar? Be my guest. Prefer walnuts over pine nuts? Go nuts.


For one person, adjust as required.

2x field mushrooms
Small knob of butter
Cheese – I used cheddar but feel free to use whatever you like. Quantity entirely up to you.
Pine nuts – again, change for a different nut if you’d prefer.
Handful of thyme sprigs
Rocket salad
Drizzle of garlic infused olive oil – optional
Salt for seasoning


  1. Preheat the oven to 170C. Lay the mushrooms on a baking tray. Pop the butter inside the mushrooms and season with salt. Lay the cheese on top of the mushrooms and sprinkle with pine nuts. Lay the thyme sprigs on top.
  2. Pop the mushrooms into the oven and bake for ten minutes, until the mushrooms have softened and the cheese has melted. Once cooked, lay the mushrooms on a plate of rocket and drizzle with some garlic infused olive oil. You’ll want to remove the stems of the thyme before eating, as they are a little too woody to enjoy. Now dig in!


Cheesy mushrooms with rocket

Baked mushrooms

Cheesy baked mushrooms recipe


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