15 Black Influencers To Follow

Black Influencers to Follow

Social media can be a fantastic platform for amplifying important voices and highlighting worthy campaigns. We’ve seen this more strikingly than ever with the #BlackLivesMatter movement that has swept through our social media channels, generating a wave of powerful commentary and much-needed action.

But now we must keep the momentum going. One of the best ways of doing this is to actively follow and engage with black influencers and content creators online. It’s time we help elevate their voices and share their talent. From style icons and adventurers to activists and entrepreneurs, these incredible creators are killing it with their content. It’s about time we hit that ‘follow’ button.

There are thousands of brilliant black influencers and I couldn’t possibly include them all in this list. Here I share 15 of my favourites, but please add your own suggestions in the comments. I am actively looking to follow more amazing accounts on Instagram and I’d love your input.

1. Ciara – @hey_ciara

Solo female travel who quit her job to travel the world.

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WILL TRAVEL EVER BE THE SAME?? As states & countries reopen, here are my thoughts on what travel will look like going forward, for better or worse:⁣ ⁣ The airport process will be much more complicated & lengthy than it already is with immunity tests, temperature checks & possibly vaccine requirements.⁣ ⁣ Many countries in the Caribbean & Europe are suggesting that you may need to prove your health/immunity upon arrival with “virus-free” cards and/or quarantines. People in Hawaii have already been arrested for violating quarantine rules.⁣ ⁣ With accommodation, think contactless check-in. IMO, this should have been the case already. I’ve received a few emails from hotels saying they’re set to reopen by June.⁣ ⁣ Think higher cleaning standards! I’m sure we can all get on board with this. Opt for airlines/services that have committed to cleanliness. Airlines are already requesting that ppl wear masks & it looks like some are temporarily blocking the middle seat! Lyft & Uber will be requiring both passengers and drivers to wear masks!⁣ ⁣ I forsee outdoor trips and road trips being huge. I love that for us! This eliminates the long airport process and obviously reduces the amount of people you’ll come into contact with along the way. However, there’s the issue of potentially spreading a dormant virus to rural communities with smaller healthcare infrastructure.⁣ ⁣ With that being said, local & regional travel will see a boost! There are so many gems in our backyards. I’ll share my US faves for insipiration! Overall, I hope we can all be intentional about supporting small tourism businesses that will have suffered greatly due to this pandemic.⁣ ⁣ It will be interesting to see how restaurants, theme parks, cruises, etc. adapt. It’s estimated that the travel industry will lose out on nearly 400 billion dollars this year.⁣ ⁣ Some states(like Texas) are in the process of reopening, but it seems like many of us are staying put for a while. I know I am. Ultimately, I hope we’ll cherish every moment knowing that the liberty to explore should not be taken for granted. What do you think? Will travel EVER be the same? How do you think it will change?

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2. Lee – @spiritedpursuit

Entrepreneur in pursuit of travel, adventure, and new cultural experiences.

3. Melissa – @melissaswardrobe

Celebrity fashion stylist, blogger, interior decorator.

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Me after one glass of @domperignonofficial 🤪

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4. Oneika – @oneikatraveller

TV host, writer and international speaker using travel to empower, educate and explore.

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*THE TRAVEL INDUSTRY IS OVERWHELMINGLY (& EMBARRASSINGLY) WHITE + MALE* I’ve been seeing a plethora of posts from travel brands and networks saying they support Black creators and talent during this challenging time and to be honest I'm TRIGGERED because ___ 🤚🏾You don't hire Black talent…or rarely do. ___ 🤚🏿Your boardrooms and C-suites are basically devoid of Black leadership. ___ 🤚🏾When you *do* hire us you pay and promote us less– then sideline or fire us when we speak up about it. ___ 🤚🏿You indirectly create an environment that pits Black talent against each other for work opportunities. ___ 🤚🏾As a result Black talent/creator circles run rampant with scarcity mentality, insecurity since it’s believed that only "one" of us can succeed since so few gigs are available to us, and misguided jealousy directed at those who get work. ___ 🤚🏿You book the SAME, tired (and mediocre) white male talent for travel campaigns, to host travel shows, etc. And through lack of visibility and diverse programming you consequently perpetuate the myth that Black people don't travel which contributes to negative stereotyping, racial profiling, and Black folks themselves thinking travel isn't something we do. ___ 🤚🏾You inadvertently perpetuate the cycle of economic disparity and systemic inequality that disproportionately affects Black creatives globally. ___ Performative allyship is great for awareness. But not great for real, and long-lasting, results. So Black creatives and white/non-Black allies: it's time to hold these travel brands and networks accountable and require them to show RECEIPTS. Let's stop paying lip service to diversity and start affecting change in the industry, from inside out. ___ Swipe to see articles I’ve written on this topic in the past and also check my stories as I’m featuring some of my favorite Black travel personalities! 📸 @iamjamesanthony

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5. Tomi – @goodtomicha

Fashion, lifestyle and skincare blogger, social media strategist, and diversity advocate.

6. Karina – @styleidealist

Midi style aficionado writing about life, style & self-discovery.

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Hi 👋🏾 I cannot believe how many new faces there are around here, I feel so overwhelmed with love and I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly after taking a couple days off to take care of myself ✨ My name’s Karina (a lot of people call me Kreens for short), I’m half Jamaican, a quarter Nigerian and a quarter English, born and raised in Bristol. I live with my husband Pete and our seven month-old cockapoo, Cooper who seems to be going through a rebellious teen phase. I studied broadcast journalism and started my blog thestyleidealist.com whilst in a toxic workplace six years ago. After being made redundant from my job in February, I decided to take a leap of faith and now work as a self-employed content creator, writer and freelance social media manager for small independent brands. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I’m pretty vocal about the highs and lows of my self development journey, building my confidence and of course fashion. My love for midi dresses knows no bounds and I love experimenting with colour – there’s no colour I’ll shy away from tbh. I flit between high-street pieces and considered investment pieces but overall, if it’s good quality, I’m here for it. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ To all my new followers, I am by no means an activist. I’m just a 32 year old girl who loves fashion, good food, great wine and strongly believes in (and will fight for) representation and inclusivity. I can’t lie, I feel scared thinking about what’s going to happen next, will people do what they say and say what they mean or will this all be forgotten about? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Regardless, I’ve seen the power of using my voice as a black woman and that is something I want to hold on to forever. The feeling of being seen and heard after years of feeling invisible…⁣ ⁣⁣ Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me and to everyone who brought you here. Thank you for standing with me, for listening, encouraging, sharing and supporting me. Because as you know, this hasn’t been easy. It’s been extremely emotional and it’s brought up a lot of trauma, pain and sadness in me. But I really hope this is it. 2020, the year for seeing clearly… This is the change we needed. I welcome it and I welcome you ❤️

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7. Nikki, Meghan, Shay & Brandy – @influencingcolor

Four women creating a positive influence for women of all colours.

8. Francesca – @onegrloneworld

Self love advocate posting about travel, skincare and natural hair care tips.

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Hi! I‘m Francesca, a full time beauty and travel influencer. I am deeply passionate about diversity and representation, but that’s not all I talk about! I have been on a journey of self love through travel for over a decade 💖 Here are 10 facts about me, let’s see how many we have in common! ① I have been rocking my natural hair for 5 years and am excited to share more tips for naturalistas! ② I am a skincare-obsessed product junkie! I love clean beauty and am getting into Korean beauty rituals 🧖🏿‍♀️ ③ My maternal grandparents were from Central America (Shoutout to my Afro Latinas! 🇨🇷🇭🇳) and my paternal grandparents were from Boston and very proud. I haven’t been yet! ④ I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in French 🇫🇷 ⑤ I speak French fluently, Spanish conversationally and Italian like a 2 year old 😂 ⑥ I spend half the year in the Caribbean with my partner and love sharing authentic stories from the region ⑦ I self-published a guide to Martinique that sold 700 copies with no advertising ⑧ I’ve been dancing salsa for over 10 years 💃🏾 ⑨ I prefer books over movies 🤓 ①⓪ I dream of having my own travel show one day!✈️ 👉🏾Okay, your turn! Do we have one of these in common? Tell me your name and something interesting about you in the comments! . . . . #naturalhairloving #blackinfluencers #blackbloggersunited #iamlatina

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9. Sade – @inmysundaybest

Senior architectural designer, writer, photographer, encourager.

10. Coco – @cocobassey

Content creator & digital marketer.

11. Claire – @claire_most

Portland based content creator from Paris with impeccable style.

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Coucou 🥰

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12. Asiyami – @asiyami_gold

Visual storyteller, creative director & producer.

13. Efia – @effyshowslife

Solo traveller, wellness advocate and author.

14. Eni – @eniswardrobe

Petite fashion blogger based in London.

15. Yossy – @withloveyossy

Photographer and jewellery creator.

A pretty incredible collection of inspiring women, I think you’ll agree. For a list of further ways you can help, from donations to self-education, have a read of this article.



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    Thanks for sharing this – what a great idea ­čÖé Looking forwards to some new content after all these follows.

    • Jessie Moore
      2nd August 2020 / 12:25 pm

      There are some incredible content creators here! Thanks for the comment ­čÖé

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