Best Winter Coats for Women 2018/19

Hollister coat

Every year it’s compulsory that you buy a new winter coat. It’s in the unwritten rules of the winter fashion season. I get it though — December is an expensive month and how can you justify a new coat when you have the family to buy Christmas pressies for?

I’ll tell you why. 

Because winter coats are practical. They keep you warm. Stop you getting frostbite. Prevent the onset of hypothermia. In short, it keeps you alive. Not sure there’s a better excuse than that? Health first people.

But I hear you. What about the other twelve winter coats you’ve got sitting in your wardrobe? Won’t they do? Well, yes, they would — to an extent. But they won’t give you that warm fuzzy feeling that a new coat gives you. A few years old, they’re probably starting to look a little worn. And December is the time to look your best — helLO Christmas party season.

So now you’ve got an excuse to splash out on a new coat (you’re welcome), let’s get down to business. Here’s my pick of the best winter coats this season.

1. Boohoo Teddy Coat

Everyone and their dog seems to have a teddy coat this season. I can’t blame them. They’re not the most flattering of coats but they ooze cosiness. Any item of clothing that has the word ‘teddy’ in its name is guaranteed to be a cuddly delight.

Boohoo teddy coat

So, naturally, I had to jump on the bandwagon and my teddy coat of choice was this faux fur teddy coat from Boohoo. Just beware that lots of people will try to cuddle you. Depending on the kind of person you are, that will either fill you with delight or dread.

2. ASOS Design Trench Coat

I couldn’t not include a classic trench coat in this list. If you can’t afford the Burberry (what do you mean you don’t have over £1,000 lying around?) then this is the next best thing. An affordable take on the classic.

ASOS Design trench coat

Available in both petite and tall, so you’re covered whether you are pint-sized or supermodel.

3. Hollister women winter coat

Wearing this coat feels like you’re being constantly hugged by a giant cuddly bear. In a good way (think more Pudsey Bear than The Revenant). It has one of those super soft linings that you — and others — won’t be able to stop stroking. 

Hollister winter womens coat

My favourite part of this coat is the fluffy hood. Channel your inner Eskimo this winter — you gotta keep that head warm too. Plus, it makes for cute pictures. Practical, cosy and instagrammable — what more could want from a winter coat?

4. The White Company faux fur coat

Have you always wanted to look like a stylish pink marshmallow? I thought so. That’s why I’ve included this gorgeous pink faux fur coat in the list despite it being one of the more pricey options. 

Pink Faux Fur Coat

Wonderfully glam and the perfect cover-up for your Christmas party outfit. Or dress it down over jeans and a blouse. With a smooth satin lining and super soft faux fur, you’ll be a walking talking bundle of velvety fluff.

5. Green Single Breasted Coat

This one is for the sophisticated amongst you. That doesn’t mean that my readers are not all a sophisticated bunch. But ya know. Not sure where I’m going with this. Anyhoo. I love the smart, sleek look of this Mint Velvet single breasted coat.

The deep green is also an uber flattering colour and highly Christmassy. Stick some baubles to your face and hey presto you’ll look like a walking Christmas tree.


And there’s my pick of the best winter coats this winter. Stay warm kids.


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