5 Reasons to love Autumn

Reasons to love Autumn

Summer is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love a a jug (or seven) of Pimms as I lounge on a rooftop bar somewhere, soaking up the sun and getting that golden glow. As much as I appreciate the long days and warm evenings, I can’t help but feel a sense of relief when it’s all over.

Autumn is all about comfort, cosiness and eating whatever the hell you want because bikinis will not see the light of day for another eight months. There is something magical about the chilly evenings and bursts of orange colour adorning the trees.

1. Autumn Dressing

No more worrying about silky smooth legs or pale limbs. Colder weather means hiding all your lumpy bits with layers and comfort dressing. Indulge in that extra piece of cake because ain’t nobody gonna see that spare tyre under your wooly jumper.

I love winter clothes. Knitted jumpers, thick socks, giant blanket scarves and bobble hats. A new season equals the perfect excuse for a guilt-free shopping spree. Do you really need another winter coat? Of course you do – this one’s got fluffy bits! Browse some luxury women’s knitwear, invest in your thirtieth bobble hat and fully embrace Autumnal fashion mode.

2. Movies and Blankets

With outdoor summer activities no longer an option, it is now perfectly acceptable and highly appropriate to spend whole afternoons and evenings under a blanket with your favourite movie. Friends, family, boyfriend, or just you – it doesn’t matter.

Movie and blanket

As long as you’ve got a great film, a snuggly blanket and a delicious hot chocolate, you’re all set.

3. Autumnal Dining

Colder weather means copious eating and drinking is a must. Fat means warmth and a girl gotta keep warm. It’s science. No longer the need for a bikini bod, now is the time to wine and dine in the most decadent way possible. Warming soups with chunky bread for dunking, Baileys hot chocolates in front of the fire, honey drizzled camembert with crispy breadsticks…

*wipes dribble off keyboard*

Reasons to love Autumn - camembert

I could go on but I think I’ve made it clear. Autumn, food and drink are an excellent combination and the best excuse ever to pig out in the most disgusting but utterly delightful way you can.

4. It’s pretty

Spring and summer do a reasonable job at being pretty but nothing beats the vibrant colours of Autumn. Bursts of red and orange at every turn and the unbeatable crunch of crisp leaves under your feet.

Autumn in Kensington

Sure, we may start seeing more grey mornings and rainy days. But you can’t have everything.

5. Christmas is Coming

Okay I know it’s not even Winter yet but it’s nearly November and then it’s basically Christmas. This is great news because there is so much to love about Christmas. Markets, festive cheer and endless excuses to party, it is without doubt the best time of year.

Christmas flatlay

Oh but wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. This post was supposed to be about Autumn. Back to the point, I hope my reasons to love Autumn have you put you in a properly seasonal mood. Please continue to share all your Autumnal snaps and snippets on social media because they really do put a smile on my face.


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